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Outdoors Daniels Consuls Doctors Before ‘Invasive’ Test: Video

Doctor’s orders Daniel busby This week’s episode gets one step closer to finding the reason behind her mysterious health issues Outed – But the process comes with some frightening realities.

“The other day we came to know that something might be wrong with Danielle’s heart,” her husband, Adam busbyTells the camera Us WeeklySpecial clip of the episode of the TLC series, Tuesday, April 20. “It was like a gut punch. I was not prepared for it at all. “

Six-year-old Daniel, 37, and Adam, 38, later sit down for a follow-up appointment to learn more about “what’s really going on”. Adam said in an interview, “Hearing the fear in her voice … she usually doesn’t let it happen.”

Adam and Danielle Busby. TLC

“It was a lot of information for me, which I will try to share and remember. I was completely surprised by the things you were telling me, ”Danielle told the experts via Zoom. “I am scared.”

The doctor explains that he worries about the possibility that Daniels has a hole in his heart, known as an atrial septal defect. He said, “This next test we want to do is called a Transoesophageal Echo … where we actually examine through your throat to make sure that we find the root cause of your problem, ” They said.

When Adam wonders if the test would involve “opening” his wife’s chest, the doctor reminds them both just once “to take a thing”, stating that they are on “further intervention.” Will consider if they find signs of a hole in Danielle’s heart.

After the consultation, Danielle could not help but express her veins ahead of the operation. “[It] Looks sad, ”she tells the cameras. “This is the most aggressive process I’ve done so far, but I think I’m the most scared [are] Test findings. I do not want to have heart surgery. “

Danielle Busby of Outdogger 'Scared' for 'Aggressive' Test
Daniel busby TLC

She continues: “I keep thinking about everybody, you know, ‘What about my family?’ … it’s scary.”

After being hospitalized in November 2020, Bush began sharing updates on Danielle’s medical visit in January. Although he hoped to get “answers and clear directions”, some tests have still put him under question.

“I’m still on that path for some sort of discovery,” Daniel explained America Especially in March, thinking that she is “having a heart attack” and struggling to perform basic tasks. “I don’t feel better or better in any way. … It’s definitely been hard for me to slow down and only my body realizes, ‘No, I can’t do that.’ I am still working to find out what is the underlying problem with inflammation and everything that is going on. “

Outed TLC will air on Tuesdays at 8 pm ET and can also be streamed on Discovery +.

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