On March 13 in Chicago, Adam Toledo, protesting police shooting of 13


There is a lack of services for children and adolescents in the neighborhood, he said, and more arts programs are needed to keep nurses and young people busy in schools.

“I’m shocked right now how many of us made mistakes and we’re still here,” Ms Warden said. “He did all the right things. He put his hands up, and still he was shot.

Demonstrations also took place beyond Chicago on Friday night, with renewed national attention to police conduct in the midst of the Derek Chauvin trial in Minneapolis.

Brooklyn Center, a suburb of Minneapolis, Min. In, an officer in front of a city police department for the sixth straight night continued after the fatal shooting of a 20-year-old motorist, Dentin Wright.

Earlier in the week, demonstrations were tense, with police occasionally firing tear gas, rubber bullets and other projectiles and making dozens of arrests. But officials later made a more restrained rise in the week, with people occasionally throwing water bottles at them. For the first time since Mr. Wright’s death, the mayor did not order a curfew on Friday.


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