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Oculus VR’s flagship ‘Lone Eco II’ this summer

Facebook held its first Oculus Gaming Showcase today. The biggest news about this incident is Lone Echo II There is a release time limit. It will be coming out this summer. Developer Ready on Dawn, which Oculus acquired last year, first announced the game’s return in 2018, and we hadn’t seen or heard much about it since, causing some concern about the status of the project Hui.

Outside of news on his major VR title, Oculus had plenty of news to share about Star Wars. When Tales of Star Wars: Galaxies Age Part II Later this year, the game will introduce players to a new character, Doc-Onder. The Ithorians made their first appearance in Star Wars lore with a single mention Solo: A Star Wars Story And he is one of the characters that you can meet with Disney Galaxy edge Theme Park.

Meanwhile, fans can look forward to playing Star wars pinball vr When it kicks off next week on Oculus Quest, PSVR and Steam VR. Ahead of release, developer Zen Studios shared a preview of the game. It will have eight tables, with two new studios, designed specifically for VR. Naturally, one of them draws from inspiration Mandalorian. All of the tables will be available within a virtual space called Fan Cave, where you will have the chance to customize with your favorite Star Wars memorabilia.

When Facebook announced the showcase, it said it would surprise and delivered. Nintendo 64 gem 1080 ° snowboarding A spiritual sequel is being received from Gilles Goddard, one of the programmers who worked on the original. Chuhai Labs, the studio that is working on the game, promised to share more details in the coming months. Until then, if you prefer a more active VR experience, then you might want to check the latest updates for it Climb 2. The game’s new freestyle expansion pack, available tomorrow, has six new levels to explore, with another six to follow at a later date. Among all, VR fans have a lot to look forward to by the end of the year and the end.

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