NJ Republican Who Led 9/11 Commission Says New Inquiry Needed for Capitol Riot – NBC10 Philadelphia


The assault on the Capitol on Jan. 6 in Washington D.C. wants extra investigation as a result of “we need to know what happened and not just guess what happened,” the top of the 9/11 Commission informed NBC10 on Friday.

“The American people deserve the truth, that’s the first and most important reason” to get all of the info, in keeping with New Jersey’s former Republican Gov. Tom Kean, who served as chair of the fee.

Kean stated the report produced from an investigation within the Capitol siege could make suggestions “so this never, ever happens again.”

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has advised making a 9/11-style fee to analyze the Capitol riot, which occurred on the day Congress was meeting in a joint session to rely electoral votes for the 2020 presidential election. 

For the 9/11 Commission, Kean served as chair whereas a Democrat, former U.S. Rep. Lee Hamilton of Indiana, served as vice chair. They each just lately signed a letter launched via the Bipartisan Policy Center supporting an investigation to “ensure that the American people learn the truth of what happened that day.”

The 9/11 Commission had a workers of 80 individuals and a price range of $15 million.

Kean stated if a brand new fee is created, it doesn’t must be the identical measurement, however ought to have the identical structure, with members appointed “who aren’t going to fight with each other” and plenty of from exterior Washington.

 “The people are very, very important,” he stated in regards to the make-up of an investigative physique. “They’ve gotta have subpoena power. Because we found out that people don’t really want to talk to you very often. But if you have the power of subpoena, they’ll talk to you because they don’t want to be subpoenaed.”

Kean stated the fee solely used its subpoena energy one time, when “the FAA lied to us about what the planes were doing on that day on Sept. 11. And so once they lied to us, we subpoenaed all their records and subpoenaed them, sat them down, and made them tell the truth.”

Calls for additional investigation come after an impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump revealed new particulars about how shut the rioters got here to members of Congress, and new video from inside and out of doors the Capitol. Many questions stay, although, together with what was taking place contained in the White House on the day of the assault.

Kean stated a fee would be capable of get that data.

“You discuss to individuals who have been within the White House on the time, deliver them earlier than the fee. If there’s one thing secret, or one thing, you may all the time do it in government session,” he said. “But you want these info and that you must name the individuals who know these info.”

Getting to the underside of issues may embrace speaking to the rioters who have been on the Capitol that day, he stated.

Asked whether or not the fee ought to attempt to discuss to former President Trump and whether or not they would have the option to take action, Kean responded: “I would think they’d be able to – why not?”

However, Kean stated it could be essential to clarify that the fee is just not a trial or an effort to “to go after Donald Trump.”

“This is a commission to get the facts for the American people,” Kean stated. “Why wasn’t Washington prepared?”


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