Nick Wright thinks it is debatable if Mahomes or Brady is more experienced


Nick Wright of Fox Sports is at it again with an intriguing opinion. On FS1’s morning show, “First Things First”, he gave interesting insight regarding whether Patrick Mahomes or Tom Brady has more experience heading into the Super Bowl.

Wright off the wrong foot

He first pointed out Brady does not have a lot more experience than Mahomes. Wright believes this since Mahomes played in last year’s Super Bowl and has faced Brady before in the playoffs. While that could very easily be picked apart, Wright was just getting started.

“You could make the argument that Mahomes is the more experienced quarterback in this way,” Wright said on Friday. “Patrick Mahomes has played in a Super Bowl for Andy Reid, with Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill, and Tyrann Mathieu, and Chris Jones on the other side.”

Wright would continue.

“Tom Brady has never played in a Super Bowl without Bill Belichick scheming up the defense, without that system, without that team. If we’re doing a tail of the tape, the experience one’s kind of a wash, even though Brady’s been to 10 of things.”

First of all, it is comical that Wright casually shrugs off the fact Brady has been to 10 (!) Super Bowls.

Second, some media members just try too hard to come up with a segment. Any sports analyst worth a damn would have scoffed at that question immediately. No one should waste a breath answering that, especially a sports broadcaster.

Let’s crunch some numbers

Mahomes has played in 46 regular-season NFL games so far in his career. This Super Bowl will be Brady’s 45th playoff game.

The Super Bowl will be Mahomes 8th playoff game. Brady will be in his 10th Super Bowl.

Mahomes has thrown 17 postseason touchdown passes. Brady has thrown 18 touchdown passes in the Super Bowl.

It is wild how far Wright will stretch to make it appear Mahomes has an edge over Brady when he clearly does not.

Brady going to a Super Bowl has become practically a guarantee. He has to have become used to the extravagant pageantry that is playing in this game. Dealing with the media, tickets, practices, resting, among other aspects, has become second nature to him.

Also, Brady has gotten to Super Bowls with completely different offenses throughout his career. Ground and pound, balanced attack, using the slots, wide receivers, tight ends, running backs, coming back, finishing games, etc. The fact this is his first time getting there without Belichick is not an argument against his experience level.

Trying too hard

Mahomes has phenomenal chemistry with Kelce and Hill, and that is only enhanced with Reid calling the plays. But the guy’s first year was in 2018. He has been with them for 1 Super Bowl. Let’s not act as he has already played in 4 of these games.

Mahomes is a better quarterback right now. He has better weapons. He has a better head coach. There are a couple of advantages he has over Brady right now. But experience is certainly not one of them.

Story by Chad Jones

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