New York mother allegedly robs a bank while 7-year-old daughter waits outside in getaway taxi


A woman from Long Island, New York was arrested by the police for allegedly robbing a bank while her 7-year-old daughter was waiting outside the bank in a getaway taxi. Now the mother faces charges for robbery and endangering the welfare of a child.

According to the officials, the mother identified as Diana, entered the bank and gave the bank officer note demanding cash. The bank officer did what he was asked to and the woman rushed to the taxi with undisclosed amount of money.

She was soon caught by the police
Shortly after the bank called 911, the taxi was easily located and Diana was found in the car with her daughter.

Next day Diana’s daughter was given to other family members. The robber is now facing charges for multiple violations and was held in custody.

The police said that this is first time such a little child to be involved in a bank robbery even though the child was “safe” waiting in the taxi outside of the bank.