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New target for New York’s ascending left: Rep. Carolyn Maloney

She turns her age as she positions herself as a change agent who understands well the challenges facing working and immigrant communities in the district: the value of her own family was out of the area.

Queenston Maloney has been in the position for 28 years, I am longer than I have been alive, “she said in an interview this week, sitting outside a restaurant on a crowded street in Little Egypt Enclave, Queens.” , The rent has only skyrocketed, our public schools have only become more segregated and more reduced.

“The Progressive Case against Caroline Maloney,” she alleged, “is that Caroline Maloney is not progressive.”

Ms. Maloney Describes himself As “a recognized progressive national leader”, and his colleagues say he has a long record of delivering for constituents – in fact, A map on his congressional website Provides a detailed guide to Nidhi that says she has made purchases for projects across the district.

Putnam Partners partner, Jim Duffy said, “Carolyn is committed to running against her, and she runs an aggressive campaign against him, as she always does.” “He has never run before. She does not intend to lose it.

She was not made available for interview on Tuesday.

Ms. Abdelhamid undeniably still faces a tough fight against a veteran, well-known congressman who is in a position to claim credit for solid federal aid to New York.