Netanyahu Ousted as Israeli Parliament Votes in New Government


But amid the acrimony, there have been additionally moments of unity and empathy throughout celebration traces.

After Mr. Levin, the speaker, was changed in a separate vote by Mickey Levy, an ally of Mr. Lapid, the 2 embraced for a number of seconds. Earlier, ultra-Orthodox lawmakers laughed amiably together with jokes by Merav Michaeli, a staunch secularist and critic of Mr. Netanyahu — barely an hour after they’d hurled insults at Mr. Bennett, her new coalition associate.

Until the day of the vote, and even on it, Mr. Netanyahu and his right-wing allies labored onerous to interrupt the alliance earlier than it may take office. They utilized intense stress on right-wing opposition lawmakers, urging them to peel away from their leaders and refuse to assist a coalition that they claimed would smash the nation. For most of this month, supporters of Mr. Netanyahu picketed the properties of Mr. Bennett and his lawmakers, screaming abuse as they got here previous.

Mr. Netanyahu’s departure was a watershed second for politics in Israel. He had been in energy for therefore lengthy that he was the one prime minister that many younger adults may bear in mind. For many, he had grown synonymous not solely with the Israeli state, but additionally with the idea of Israeli safety — and an Israel with out him appeared virtually inconceivable to some.

In Tel Aviv, ecstatic Netanayhu opponents descended onto Rabin Square for an impromptu celebration. As music blasted, Israelis of all ages crowded in carrying the nationwide flag, rainbow flags and pink flags, the colour adopted by members of the motion to oust the prime minister.

One celebrant, Shoval Sadde, expressed reduction that the coalition had come collectively after weeks of uncertainty.

“Today is final,” she mentioned. “There are no secret magics anymore that Bibi can pull out of a hat. It’s final.”

For supporters of Bibi, as Mr. Netanyahu is universally identified in Israel, his exit was devastating and unsettling.


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