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Nachos from Dodger Fan – Justin Turner Home Run Lands at NBC Los Angeles

A jacket adorned with nachos is not your usual Dodger Stadium souvenir, but it was part of a night that Brando Lopez will never forget.

Lopez and his friends had seats for the Wednesday night game against Rocky just behind the wall of the outfield, where a co-worker posted Nachos to him for a photo. The plate was still in the third inning when Lopez saw Justin Tuners’ third home season on the way.

Lopez said, “My first thought was, ‘Oh my God, this ball is coming straight to me.”

He said, “I bounced the ball. It came right out of my hands and into the nachos. “

The slight bobble was followed by a splendid spray of chips and cheese, coated on the sleeves and the front of the Lopez jacket. He triumphantly put the ball up, paying no attention to the state of the fabric and reminding everyone why fans love to be back in the stands after the pandemic for the post-2020 season.

“I think I was out for a few seconds,” Lopez said. “I didn’t cover the cheese until I put my hand up. It just happened so quickly.”

I felt bad. I am sure this was not an inexpensive plate of nachos.

Dodger Justin Turner

Lopez’s friend Wally Lopez made the most of the moment, using a chip to scoop a globe of cheese from Brando’s shirt.

When fan-favorite Turner returned to the dugout and watched the replay, he asked a club house attendant to bring Lopez a new order of nachos. The Dodgers also sent him a World Series hoodie.

“I felt bad,” Turner said. “I’m sure it wasn’t a cheap plate of nachos.”

Turner’s homer was challenged by the Rockies, who thought fans could reach the ground to take a catch. A review of the video confirmed that the ball was a home run.

“I was in disbelief,” Lopez said. “This is untrue.”

But she did not have a night in Blue Haven.

In the eighth inning, another home run ball – it came off the bat of Rocky Zac McCintry – headed to Brando and Wally, who were set to stay home with their own home run ball.

“I was like, ‘Wow, this is coming our way,” Wally Lopez said. He said, “I’m trying to get that ball. Now is the time to shine. “

Both fans said it was a night to remember, and they are already awaiting their next game at Dodger Stadium.

The Dodgers’ 4–2 win was the team’s fifth consecutive win.

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