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Myanmar coup leaders arrive in Indonesia for ASEAN summit

A statement from the Indonesian government announcing General Min Aung Haling’s arrival for the summit identified him as Commander in Chief of the Army of Myanmar, not as the leader of the country.

Several members of the National Integration Government were elected to Parliament in November and assumed office on the day of the coup. On Thursday, the junta announced that all 24 ministers and deputy ministers of the group were charged with treason and unlawful union.

The deposed civilian leader of Myanmar, Dau Aung San Suu Kyi, who attended the Saturday meeting before the February coup, is now under house arrest. The Prime Minister of Malaysia, Muhyiddin Yasin, and Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong first called for his release, as did the Philippine government.

During the summit, Mr. Muhiddin urged Myanmar to end the killings and violence and release all political detainees immediately and unconditionally, news agencies reported.

The United States and the European Union have imposed targeted sanctions on regime leaders and military-owned businesses, but diplomatic efforts to stop the assassination have been unsuccessful. The UN Security Council, where China and Russia can be counted on to support the Myanmar regime, has not taken any action.

The remarks of Mr. Joko and Mr. Muhiddin were unusual for ASEAN, which has a policy of non-apathy in the affairs of member states. It issued a statement in March, which “seems to ignore the unilateral nature of the killings, to prevent all parties from inciting further violence”.

Indonesia played a key role in organizing Saturday’s summit. In addition to Mr. Joko and Mr. Muhyiddin, the participants included leaders from Brunei, Cambodia, Singapore and Vietnam. Laos, Philippines and Thailand sent delegates.