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Mom Buys Homeless Man Breakfast, Then He Slips Her A Note With A Shocking Confession

We need to look around to find love and kindness around us. Sometimes, the internet becomes a medium to witness some of the most heartwarming stories.

This inspiring story about a mother providing food to a needy man will make you stunned! Though she intended to feed the homeless man, what the man wrote to her in a note was absolutely shocking.

Casey visited Dunkin Donuts to have breakfast one morning. She spotted a homeless man begging for food and money right in front of it. What Casey did, was literally a life-changing experience.

With more than 1,20,000 shares of the story on Facebook, Casey has become a real life hero! When she saw the man begging and counting his change to get some food, she approached him. He was not interested on having a conversation whatsoever. She was super annoyed and went on trying to strike a talk with him.

Casey bought him a coffee and bagel since he had only $1 change. They sat together and chatted for hours. His name was Chris.

Keep reading to know what Chris did next, it will surely strike a chord!

Casey thought that Chris was one of the most honest men she ever met. He told her about how people misbehaved with him because he was homeless. He also confessed how drugs had turned him into a person that he always hated. He lost his mother to cancer and wanted her to be proud of him.

Casey was hurrying to get back to class. But Chris wanted to write down something for her on a piece of paper. He asked her to stay.

Chris had shaky handwriting. But he managed to scribble something on a piece of paper. Casey was curious to know what he was writing. He handed her a crumpled up receipt and left.

Chris had a smile on his face when he was leaving. Casey opened the paper and was shocked to read what he had written in it. The note will melt your heart.


It says “I wanted to kill myself today, because of u I now do not. Thank u, beautiful person.

The story says how the little efforts on our end can make a big difference in someone’s life. It is not about money or ability. It is only about the willingness to do something good for the needy.

What Casey did was extraordinary. She saved a hopeless man’s life by some food and a mere conversation. She gave him hopes to survive once again.

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