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Molotov cocktail stopped at NYPD, after traffic stops: police

Police said an unknown motorist threw a caustic chemical at a NYPD officer during a traffic stop in Brooklyn Saturday morning and then threw a Molotov cocktail at another policeman, stopping him when he tried to escape.

Police said the horrific incident unfolded at Clarendon Road and East 45 Street in East Flatbush just before 8 a.m. when police stopped a 44-year-old man, who was driving a gray 2000 Lincoln Town car.

When an officer approached the driver’s side door, the man threw the contents of a cup containing “caustic fluid” into the police’s face, and then stopped, police said.

In response, police saw the town car on Snyder Avenue near the Kings. A NYPD spokesman said that on the highway and when they pulled up behind him, the man stopped the car, got out and threw a burnt Molotov cocktail into the police car.

According to police, Molotov hit the patrol car and smashed into the road, with police saying that the fire-fighting device did not cause any physical harm to anyone.

The intersection of Snyder Avenue and 55th Street where a car parked in a car parked after allegedly throwing a Molotov cocktail at a police officer during a traffic stop.
The intersection of Snyder Avenue and 55th Street where a car crashed into a car parked after throwing Molotov cocktails at a police officer during a traffic stop.
Dan Herrick for NY Post

The suspect flew again, but his car crashed a short distance onto Snyder near East 55th Street, where he was arrested.

Charges are pending, police said.

The NYPD said the officer, who was broken by the chemical, is being treated for burns in a hospital.

A part of a broken vodka bottle lying on the ground at the scene
A paint can and a part of the vodka bottle lying on the ground after the accident.
Dan Herrick for NY Post

Residents attacked New York’s best attack.

“They should respect the police,” Jennifer Leblanc said. Respect the police, no matter what it is, they should respect the police. They are here for our protection. “

A NYPD Operations Alert went on for all uniformed officers after the horrific incident: “Remember: ‘car stops’ are not routine.”

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