MLSPA Want Compromise, League Will Not Budge On Extension


MLS Want To Keep 2-Year Extension

MLS has been keeping to their guns with regards to the CBA. In all current sources across the MLS, the league wants to extend the current collective bargaining agreement two more years. If this is the end game, it will find the CBA extended to the year 2027. The owners and league representatives are on board with this because it disallows the players to re-negotiate during or prior to the World Cup.

Staying on that particular part of the agreement will allow the MLSPA to ask for a lot more concessions to make up for the lost years negotiating. So, as we sit here waiting for an answer, it’s likely these are the sticking points that are being decided behind closed doors (zooms). Following along with The Athletic writer’s Paul Tenorio and Sam Stejskal, it seems likely the league will get what they want.

MLSPA Concessions Are The Talking Point On Friday

Recently talking to AJ DeLaGarza, he noted that he didn’t know that the Force Majeure clause was to be used before he signed. I’m sure a lot of players throughout the league felt the same way as him, wondering why it was taking so long to finalize over the new year. So now, as it seems that an agreement doesn’t seem too far away, players like AJ and Boateng that signed during that time might feel weights off the shoulders. Even coaches should be breathing a little lighter, as they seem to be out of the loop. Sam Stejskal pointed to the fact that coaches and GMs alike have been contacting Paul and himself.

The players seem to have given up on shortening the CBA extension in light of getting better concessions involving free agency and salary heightening in 2026 and 2027 per The Athletic writer Paul Tenorio. There are all sorts of monetary positives that the owners and the league will gain from the World Cup that the players’ representatives can now use as leverage to gain during these negotiations. From the use of stadiums and TV rights that go to Soccer United Marketing, which the league and Don Garber are involved in by way of being the marketing arm of the MLS.

My Important Takes From The CBA Discussions

The players have every USA sports player association behind them, so I’m not surprised that the league is caving to a discussion on other talking points besides the extension. I would love to see the players come out extremely on top. The MLSPA has allowed the league to walk over them for the past year or so. They took a pay cut and continue to play in a year where many players contracted the Coronavirus due to contact with other players in an unknown land of no fans.

I think the players come out on top no matter what in the fan’s eyes. They will be the ones agreeing to a stingy league stonewall policy. The league and the MLSPA will come to an agreement. Let’s get this season off the ground, please. I want something to continue to write about in the future for the Revolution!