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Mac Jones or Zach Wilson

Mac Jones on the Patriots radar:

2021 NFL Draft: Battle for QB4 as Zach Wilson, Mac Jones join fight - Page 5

Mac Jones or Zach Wilson on the Patriots’ radar? Recently the Alabama Crimson Tide won the National Championship against the Ohio State Buckeyes. Mac Jones completed 36 passes out of 45 attempts and threw for 464 yards. Meanwhile, he also threw for five touchdowns on the evening with no interceptions. Mac had a great career at Alabama, he won two national championships while attending the university. On the other hand, he was one of the finalists for the Heisman Trophy award this past season.

Alabama head coach Nick Sabin knows how to recruit young talent to his program and it has shown for years by him winning seven national titles. Patriots, Bill Belichick is very close with Saban and his players throughout the years by drafting some of his talent. Mac Jones should be closely viewed by New England because he can play and has the knowledge to be a young talented quarterback in the NFL.

Zach Wilson another option for New England:

Criticism of BYU quarterback Zach Wilson misfires, gets blowback - Deseret  News

Brigham Young University quarterback Zach Wilson is a special talent coming into the NFL. He is very mobile and likes to throw the ball with accuracy downfield. Zach’s 2020 campaign went as followed: threw for 3,692 passing yards, had 33 touchdowns in the air, and also only 3 interceptions on the season. That’s pretty impressive stats for a junior, leaving school early for the NFL.

Patriots should take a hard look at this young man. He has the talent and knowledge to be aware of his surroundings and can scramble out of the pocket. Granted New England would have to trade up and grab him but that seems like a long shot. Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels would love to have a young kid like this to develop to be your next franchise quarterback.

Take your pick Mac Jones or Zach Wilson:

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Personally, I would like to see the New England Patriots draft Mac Jones with the 15th pick in the NFL Draft. Experts and draft analysts have Zach Wilson going in the first few picks of the draft. In other words, Jones seems like the logical pick at that spot because Wilson will be off the board. Mac is more of a pocket passer and that’s what the Patriots have been accustomed to for the past two decades. Another thing Jones could bring you is stability for the next ten-plus years at the signal-caller helm. Patriots nation will have to wait until the draft to see what happens going forward.