Love Hard’s Scene Stealer Heather McMahan on Her ‘Farewell Tour’


Heather McMahan’s “The Farewell Tour” is simply getting began — and it’s not the one factor on the comic’s 2022 imaginative and prescient board.

“It’s a joyful show. I’m poking fun at myself. It is just a night of cheater print and sequins and giggles. And we just dig through it — all the uncomfortable things we went through last year, we peel back the layers of that and just dive in. And for me, comedy is if something makes you uncomfortable, let’s talk about it,” the 34-year-old actress solely instructed Us Weekly backstage at her Town Hall present on Thursday, November 18. “If you get into it and you talk about the dark, heavy s—t, that’s when you can live in the light.”

As McMahan’s 692,000 Instagram followers know, her comedy contains movie star impressions — “I’m not blocked by Ina Garten, but every time I try and comment on her Instagram, it just disappears” — and personal tales about her household, together with the sudden lack of her dad simply days after he was identified with stage 4 pancreatic most cancers in 2015.

Heather McMahan
Heather McMahan

“The last 30 minutes of the show is just a solid set that I love closing with because I talk about my family and my relationship with my dad who passed,” McMahan instructed Us. “But there’s things that are always changing. Every city you go to, you have a new experience. I love to play with the audience and, you know, the people of that city. There’s always a new surprise every night. But it’s just friggin’ fun. Even if you are new to me, you’re gonna show up and just feel the energy of the room and we’re gonna giggle and everybody’s in on the joke.”

McMahan’s household can also be the inspiration behind the collection she’s growing for Peacock, which she describes because the “heightened version” of her life.

“It’s a story about three strong women, Southern women specifically, that all have to band together when the patriarch, the head honcho of the family, dies,” she instructed Us. “I moved home with my mom. My sister moved in [too] when our dad passed and we had to pull ourselves up by the bootstraps and just figure s—t out. And it’s hysterical. It’s a dark comedy. It’s Designing Women meets Curb Your Enthusiasm.”

Pop tradition followers who aren’t overly acquainted with McMahan might have seen her in Netflix’s standard Christmas film Love Hard, which has been trending on the streaming service since its October launch.

“We’re No. 1. That was, like, the ‘Oh s—t moment.’ I’m one of those people who watches Netflix all day long when I have a day off,” the “Absolutely Not” podcast host instructed Us. “So to see myself in the trailer on the front homepage was just mind-blowing. It was so insane.”

In the vacation film, McMahan performs Nina Dobrev’s finest pal who encourages the Vampire Diaries alum’s character, Natalie, to go to the “perfect match” she met on a relationship app. Natalie quickly discovers she’s being catfished when she travels to see “Josh” (Jimmy O. Yang) for Christmas.

“The last [scene] you see her in, she says she’s talking to her sponsor,” the Mississippi native recalled. “What is going on with her husband? We need to see how she’s unraveling at home. I feel like Kerry actually is probably the real matchmaker and doesn’t even realize it. … We need a spinoff. I’m ready to go, book me.”

In the meantime, “The Farewell Tour” will proceed by way of 2022, McMahan introduced on the Today present on Friday, November 19. Tickets can be found now.

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