‘Long haulers’ discuss experiencing COVID-19 symptoms months after initial diagnoses


LAS VEGAS (KLAS) — More than 470,000 Americans have lost their lives to COVID-19 and just below 5,000 of these deaths are from Clark County. 

As we enter year two of the pandemic, 1000’s of others who have gotten sick and survived are realizing {that a} full recovery could also be elusive.

Many battle a variety of well being issues that baffle docs. 

In spring 2020, Nehama Kravitz was knocked down by a bug. Besides the plain bodily indicators, her psychological state was not proper. 

“I was on the phone with one of members of my team and I couldn’t remember words… words I couldn’t remember,” Kravitz mentioned. 

“One day I was taking a shower, I could not breathe and had to kick the shower door… passed out… back to the hospital again,” mentioned Karla Washington. 

Washington and Kravitz are a few of the 1000’s of individuals affected by symptoms weeks — and even months later. 

“There’s a few terms for it: Post-COVID Syndrome, Long COVID, Long Haulers Syndrome,” mentioned Dr. Leann Silhan. 

Dr. Silhan focuses on inner and pulmonary drugs. She estimates about ten % of COVID sufferers are what are actually being known as “long haulers.” 

“The most common are respiratory symptoms: breathlessness, fatigue, cough, chest pain,” Dr. Silhan mentioned.  

 Kravitz had all of the official indicators, however the prognosis wouldnt verify it.  

Denise Valdez: “So, when you got your test, and it was negative what was your reaction?”  

Nehama Kravitz: “A part of me was devastated to be honest.” 

The constructive take a look at would have confirmed what she was feeling. Without it, there was no validation.  

 “I had a few patients who had mild to moderate symptoms for the first two weeks, then week 3 they were completely negative, but then they were actually sicker in week 3. This is a new thing were seeing,” mentioned cardiovascular specialist Dr. Fahmi Farah. 

The virus is unpredictable and unforgiving. People who had been wholesome with no below mendacity well being situations have their our bodies activate them — struggling with COVID.  

“This is seeming to happen at least to people in my experience who are otherwise extremely healthy and young,” Dr. Silhan mentioned. 

In some the immune system falls aside. In others, organs are focused.  

“Even after leaving the body, leaving remnants, inflammatory process effecting other organs particularly the lungs and the heart,” Dr. Farah mentioned. 

Heart failure and kidney illness are widespread, however the symptoms for an extended hauler swing so broadly, it is powerful to nail it down.  

“It’s been trying to figure out why I’m having all these symptoms and I’m not getting a lot of answers,” Kravitz mentioned. 

Although there might not be clear solutions, there’s help. Both girls discovered it on Facebook by becoming a member of help teams.  

“This is a real thing. These are people all over the world writing about same exact symptoms,” mentioned Kravitz. 

“Okay, so I’m not crazy this is really real,” Washington mentioned. “I’m really not back to who I am, and other people are going through the same thing.” 

In December, Congress licensed funding for extra analysis to review the extended well being penalties of lengthy covid.  

It is a large enough downside that submit COVID-19 care and rehab facilities have opened at hospitals across the nation.