JUST IN: Shock Border Wall REVERSAL – Texas Steps In


Workers in Texas have begun to prepare for a massive migrant caravan heading towards the United States by creating a makeshift border wall in Eagle Pass to deter any crossings by individuals.

In photos obtained by Breitbart, workers began hauling dozens of shipping containers to the Rio Grande river early Tuesday morning.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott had announced last week the plans to use the shipping containers to prevent illegal border crossings along the US-Mexico border.

The action comes in addition to the more than 6,500 Texas Department of Public Safety Highway Patrol troopers and Texas Army National Guardsmen deployed to the region.

The National Guard was recently deployed ahead of the container’s placement, with troops being stationed in humbles along the Rio Grande river to deter those looking to cross illegally.

According to Breitbart, around 30 vehicles are parked less than 150 feet from each other. The shipping containers will be installed to fill in the gaps between these vehicles.

The area surrounding Eagle Pass is considered a hotspot for illegal crossings, with the Border Patrol noting it as problematic due to the close proximity to private residences.

Some single adults crossing the border illegally attempt to elude arrest in this area, creating a cause for concern.

Construction crews are also working to finish building a two mile long, 18 foot tall border wall that ends where the National guard wall ends.

This push to secure the border comes as a massive caravan of migrants has moved its way through Mexico. Possibly more than 60,000 people are part of this caravan.

Late last week, the caravan refused an offer from Mexican authorities to be allowed to stay and work in the country on visas.