Jury begins deliberations in Derek Chauvin trial Monday


Closing arguments in the Derek Chauvin trial are scheduled for Monday morning. The jury will be watered until they reach a verdict.

After three weeks of emotional testimony from George Floyd’s 45 minutes of last-minute witnesses and several hard-to-watch videos, the fate of former officer Derek Chauvin will be in the jury’s hands on Monday.

“I want you all to pray for us,” said Philonys Floyd, brother of George Floyd.

The Floyd family flew to Minneapolis before spending the weekend in Houston on Sunday. Floyd’s family wavers for judgment within days.

“For everyone it’s a matter and a reason, but for me, it’s my brother, whom I loved,” said Philonis Floyd.

The stage is set for closing arguments in the morning. KHO 11 legal analyst Carmen Rowe says videos of Floyd’s death are expected to appear and prosecutors can center their case.

“This is the strongest evidence the state has,” Roe said. “It’s compelling. It’s hard to get. It’s 9 minutes and 29 seconds.”

Roe said the defense has more to work with.

“The defense got off to a great start,” Roe said. “They promised a lot and I wanted to see it, but I never did. And that’s a big problem as they go into the closing argument. Everyone who’s watching this test knows that the defense is behind the 8 ball. is.”

The jury will weigh 3 charges: second degree murder, third degree murder and second degree murder.

Chauvin faces 40 years in prison on the most serious charge.

“The injuries are unpredictable, especially in high profile cases,” Roe said. “For my money, we are looking at a few days and a decision should be made by Friday.”

Will they still decide the very unknown. With anger and unrest over the deaths that occurred last week in Minnesota, tensions are high in Minneapolis last week and security is tight as the community draws to its final conclusion.

“This whole country is waiting on this result,” Roe said. “So it could not be more important and there may not be much pressure on these gamblers.”


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