Jealous father punches his wife while she holds their 2-month-old toddler, baby dies as a result of the beating


Kenta, husband and father from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, allegedly killed his 2-month-old baby when he was beating wife while she was holding the baby in her hands. Baby boy dies as a result of the punches.

Kenta was visiting the infant at the home of the child’s mother Jessica when an altercation broke out, according to a criminal complaint.

According to the complaint, Kenta allegedly went from being eager to see the child to “accusing the mother of having other men in the house.” That’s when he allegedly took her cellphone and “smashed it against the wall,” the complaint states.

Jessica then grew frightened and picked up the baby and backed away from Kenta. The father allegedly followed his wife and the baby and began repeatedly punching her with closed fists. She was still holding the baby in those moments. Jessica’s sister later intervened and rushed the small child to a nearby hospital.

Doctors diagnosed him with multiple skull fractures, cerebral hemorrhaging and extensive retinal hemorrhaging. He was pronounced dead later in the evening.

The father was later arrested and charged with first degree reckless homicide. His cash bond was set at $200,000.