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Jan Kramer accuses Mike Cousin of ‘adultery’ in divorce filing

Getting real. Jan KramerDivorce from husband’s divorce Mike cosin It has started being messed up.

In divorce documents obtained by I! News 26 April on Monday one Tree Hill The 37-year-old, Alum, listed her reason for parting from the former tight end, 34, after years of infidelity in favor of Cousin as “gross marital conduct, irreversible differences and adultery”.

The filing also revealed that the estrangent couple had a postpartial agreement after tying the knot in 2015. According to the docs, Kramer wants to share the custody of the pair’s daughter Jolie, 5, and son Jesse, 2.

Jan Kramer and Mike Cousin. Shutterstock; Sara de Boer /

Christmas in louisiana The actress is also seeking alimony from the former NFL player and asking Kaushin to cover legal fees in the midst of their divorce.

Both of them had a lot of ups and downs in their relationship, separated after 2016. America Broke the news of Cousin’s infidelity. The Virginia native then sought treatment for sex addiction and the following year both renewed their vows.

Us Weekly On Wednesday, April 21, it was confirmed that the “I Done Love” singer applied for a divorce from Cousin after nearly six years of marriage. Kramer wrote via Instagram announcing the couple’s separation, “I’ve competed y’all.” I have worked hard. I have forgiven. I have put in work. I have given everything I have, and now I have nothing more to give. “

A source said America That he “once again betrayed her to betray him,” which was the “last straw” at their wedding and led him to do the paperwork.

“This was the exact pattern that happened many times [before], “The insider said, seeing” the last time he could forgive her. “Another source told us that as of now, Coussin is” out of the house. “

A source said that despite starting the partition America On Friday 23 April, that musician is “very heartbroken and distraught” over the whole thing. However, he has no plans to reconcile.

The insider said, “This time he said it’s good.” “She wouldn’t have filed for divorce if she hadn’t been serious about it.”

Another source said the Michigan resident still wants to make things “amicable” America, Especially since the pair work together on their podcast, “When Down”.

“Logistics are still working” as to “about their future”, a third source reveals America That “time will heal his wounds” and Kramer eventually “opens up about the end of the marriage.”

The insider added: “She does not hide her feelings and the fact that she and Mike were having problems. Yes, she has family and friends to lean on, but she is actually in love with her fans. Leaning on support. She will receive DMs and comments by telling people that they have gone through similar situations and it helps them. “

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