Is Sunday’s Patriots Game A Must Win?


Is Sunday’s Patriots Game A Must Win?

The Patriot’s travel to take on the New York Jets tomorrow and look for their first win of the season. Is this game a must win though? If you think about it the next two games after the Jets are the Saints and Buccaneers. In my opinion it is because it’ll be harder to beat the Saints, and they have no shot at beating Tampa. The Patriots should crush the Jets tomorrow with the way Mac Jones played last week. If they cleaned up the fumbles, and penalties they should have no issues. The Patriots swept the Jets last season and look to do it again this year.

Mac Jones Is Humble

Mac Jones says and does all the right things on and off the field. He spoke this week about moving forward and gave the perfect Patriots answer.

“Yeah. I think we’re moving the right direction. Just take it day by day, and obviously there shouldn’t be any focus on the past. We just got to focus on what we need to get better at. That’s kind of, for me, just fundamentally, what can I do each day extra or whatever, just to improve so that when I get to the game, we play fast, and we play better than we did last week.”

Bill Belichick spoke this week about Jets rookie quarterback Zach Wilson.

“Out of the pocket. In the pocket. It’s the unpredictability that comes with players like that. You have things under control. You have a pattern covered, and then something happens, and they make a big play. They can turn plays that don’t start good into explosive plays offensively, and that’s a big challenge for us, to play every play all the way through., finish the plays and compete for the entire down. He puts a lot of pressure on you and so does the offense.”

Overall I think the Patriots win this game by at least two touchdowns. They have to do better in the red zone and score touchdowns more. They should be able to do that against this Jets team. In years past Belichick’s Patriots would always crush the Jets, but obviously they had Brady to cover things up. Now, with Jones under center all eyes are on the 2021 Patriots as they look to go 1-1 on the season.

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