Intruder breaks home early morning, mom shoots him leaving trail of blood


SUGAR LAND, Texas – A mother managed to protect herself and her family after she shoots a man right before breaking into their home.

The mother was together with her 8-year-old child when the incident happened and luckily no one was hurt.

The police officials say they received a call about the shooting in the 200 block of Shadow Wood, in the Sugar Mill subdivision at around 4.30 a.m.

The woman later described what happened and she said: I heard a noise in my kitchen where our back door is located while we were sleeping. I was afraid and immediately took my gun. When I approached the kitchen, I saw the glass door was broken and someone was trying to open the door. At the very moment, I opened fire shooting him in the chest.

The man rushed away immediately going from one backyard to another but responding officers located him easily because of the trail of blood he left behind.

The man was later arrested and taken to hospital for treatment but his condition is unknown. The man whose identity has not been revealed yet, will face burglary charges.