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In New Book, Boehner Says He Regrets Clinton Impeachment

“Sometimes I can still feel that thing against my throat,” Mr. Boehner writes. (The two would later patch issues up, and Mr. Boehner would function the very best man in Mr. Young’s wedding ceremony.)

Mr. Boehner additionally relays an encounter in his office wherein Mark Meadows, then a Republican consultant from North Carolina and a frontrunner of the right-wing Freedom Caucus, dropped to his knees to beg for forgiveness after a political coup try in opposition to Mr. Boehner failed.

“Not long after the vote — a vote that like many of the Freedom Caucus’s efforts ended in abject failure — I was told that Meadows wanted to meet with me one-on-one,” Mr. Boehner recalled. “Before I knew it, he had dropped off the couch and was on his knees. Right there on my rug. That was a first. His hands came together in front of him as if he were about to pray. ‘Mr. Speaker, please forgive me,’ he said, or words to that effect.”

Mr. Boehner says he puzzled, within the second, what Mr. Meadows’s “elite and uncompromising band of Freedom Caucus warriors would have made of their star organizer on the verge of tears, but that wasn’t my problem.”

Mr. Boehner appears down on the man who would later change into Mr. Trump’s White House chief of workers.

“I took a long, slow drag of my Camel cigarette,” he writes. “Let the tension hang there a little, you know? I looked at my pack of Camels on the desk next to me, then I looked down at him, and asked (as if I didn’t know): ‘For what?’”

Maggie Haberman contributed reporting from New York.

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