How The Patriots Land DeShaun Watson


The Patriots need a better quarterback than Cam Newton for 2021 and beyond. The bridge quarterback is a must to develop the next guy. Jarrett Stidham is clearly not the next quarterback for the Patriots as he couldn’t get on the field to start a game this season. Something happened in training camp to give the Patriots a bad taste in their mouth about Stidham. So how do the Patriots move forward from here? How do they land a good quarterback? Should they be in the running for DeShaun Watson?

DeShaun Watson wants out of Houston. Should the Patriots bring him in as a bridge quarterback?

Stidham To Houston For Watson?

The Patriots should trade Stidham to the Texans for Watson. He’s from Texas his wife is from Texas as well it’s perfect in my opinion. He also has relationships with some of the people that run the organization as well. General Manager Nick Casserio has seen Stidham develop these last two seasons in New England. Under a new head coach, he might be more relaxed and start more games. Belichick is strict and runs a tight ship. Stidham could be in his comfort zone in Houston.

DeShaun Watson Cleary Wants Out Of Houston

As for DeShaun Watson, he clearly wants out of Houston with all the reports and his Tweets. The Patriots need to do a lot more than just land Watson though. They have a lot of work to do with getting receivers, tight ends, and help on defense. It’s most likely a long shot they will land Watson but it’s worth exploring especially if Stidham is involved. Houston may ask more than just Stidham though, the Patriots would probably have to send them picks.

The Patriots need a massive upgrade at the most important position. The AFC East isn’t a cakewalk anymore. The Bills and Dolphins have gotten better. It’ll be interesting to see how the Patriots do this offseason.


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