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How Queen Elizabeth II is copying after Prince Philip’s death

Stay strong. Royal Biographer Ingrid Sewer And Andrew Morton How did they share their thoughts Queen Elizabeth II Is handling the death of her husband Prince Philip.

“I’d say she coped very well,” Sewer, writer Prince Philip Revealed, Told Us weekly In an exclusive interview after Philip’s death on Friday, April 9, “He is accustomed to mourning.” It’s not that she doesn’t think it’s coming – she knew it was going to happen. I think she would have loved it if at least she could live through her birthday, which is April 21, or even if she had managed to survive to hit 100. But she knew that she didn’t really care to be 100. Everyone else cared about it. “

Although 94-year-old Queen knew that Philip’s health was deteriorating after heart surgery and a month-long hospital stay in March 2021, Seward believes that no preparation completely erased the trauma of his death. Could have. “Although it was expected, although she was so old, it was still a shock,” she explained. “Shock makes you… I always call military mode, because you really do things very calmly, very accurately, very quickly, and you just get on with it. And usually, the grief a little later. Hits. So I think Rani is just getting on with the outfit or she is submitting to her wishes as she wants… I think when the whole thing is over, it’s for her Gotta have a hard time. “

Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth II Andrew Dunsmore / Shutterstock

Morton, author of Elizabeth and Margaret: The Intimate World of the Windsor SistersStated that the queen’s husband’s passing is likely to be “anticipated”, but note that the epidemic allowed the couple to spend more quality time together than they usually would have.

“The positive thing to come out of this is that the Queen and Prince Philip have spent more time together in the past year – as both have been forced to live at Windsor Castle,” Morton reported. America In particular, stating that they probably did not spend that much time together before the queen reached the throne in the late 1940s.

How Queen Elizabeth II is copying after Prince Philip Death 2
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“The queen’s character is very hardcore,” Morton continued. “That is a very important fact.”

Although the Emperor is unlikely to express his grief very publicly, Seward said that in private he may have felt the lack of a person who truly understood what his life was like. “They were two unique people and only they knew what it should have been like,” she said. “They were in unique situations, they shared things. So, for example, when they were younger, they were constantly traveling around the Commonwealth and around the world. And then Philip would go on his own, but when they were together, they could share everything. I think it would be an almost impossible task for someone to actually do it on their own. So it was a partnership – a very unique partnership. “

Prince Philip’s television funeral is scheduled to take place on Saturday, April 17. Due to coronavirus restrictions in the United Kingdom, only 30 will be allowed to attend the mourning ceremony. Both Prince William And Prince harry It is expected to participate in the event.

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