How a Very Weird Quirk Might Let Michigan Republicans Limit Voting Rights


The maneuvers by both parties have turned Michigan into a test case of how a state with divided government will deal with voting laws, and how Republicans are prepared to use any administrative tool at their disposal in state legislatures So that Mr. Trump can pursue false claims of fraud. Adopt measures that may disappoint many voters. For example, election officials impose new restrictions on how absentee ballots can be distributed and how voters can cast them, for example the use of drop boxes.

“These bills have some of the most voter suppression views that Michigan has ever seen,” said State Voter Paul Vojno, the only Democrat on the Michigan Senate election committee. “We will find out what was adopted in Georgia may backfire, as such legislation can be put under a large microscope.”

Two of Michigan’s largest companies, the iconic automaker Ford and General Motors, have not weighed in on special offers for the state. But both indicated they have opposed changes to Michigan’s election laws that would make voting harder – a clear attempt to get ahead of the issue, but instead come under pressure after the legislation was passed, as Georgia’s two big Companies Coca-Cola originated and Delta Air Lines.

GM on Tuesday Posted a statement Requires the state legislature to ensure that any new voting law “empowers all eligible voters to include their voices in a fair, independent, and equitable manner.”

“Anything less falls short of our goals of inclusion and social justice,” it said, a clear shot into the bow of GOP lawmakers.


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