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Host Arielle Vandenberg ‘freaking out’ about ‘Love Island’ Season 3

Summer loving, had me a blast …

“Love Island” returns for Season 3 Wednesday (July 7) on CBS — and host Arielle Vandenberg says she’s “freaking out!” about the brand new area of contestants (or “Islanders” in show-speak).

“I don’t even know what they look like [yet]. You would think that I know everything, but it’s kind of a surprise to me, too,” Vandenberg, 34, instructed The Post.

The relationship present originated within the UK in 2005 and has spawned variations all around the world, together with the US incarnation, which filmed Season 1 in Fiji and Season 2 in Las Vegas. Season 3 is about in Hawaii. 

In the present, a gaggle of 12 singles reside in a mansion in an unique location (therefore Hawaii), the place they have to instantly companion up in {couples} (regardless of having simply met), undergo varied wacky challenges and generally change companions. The profitable couple will get a $100,000 prize. 

Arielle Vandenberg hosts “Love Island” Season 3.
Timothy Kuratek/CBS

As host for the third consecutive season, actress/comic Vandenberg doesn’t keep in the home with the Islanders, however she is on location the place they’re throughout the shoot — visiting them to announce new challenges together with taking part in video games designed to get them to disclose secrets and techniques; combating cardboard cut-outs of villains to “save” their companion; or making an attempt to finish an impediment course whereas wanting “sexy.”

“I love being the big sister of the house. I just come in and oversee everything,” she mentioned. “It’s a really special role. People weirdly get excited when I come in, or they get scared. Either I’m bringing good news or bad news. I have such a fun part on the show.” 

One of the upcoming occasions in Season 3 might be associated to a steamy Netflix hit, Vandenberg mentioned.

“Let’s  just say if you love ‘Bridgerton’ as much as I do, you’re going to want to watch,” she mentioned. “Because there might be a challenge there that involves some kind of ‘Bridgerton’ theme.” 

Josh Goldstein, one of many newly introduced Season 3 Islanders

To make issues extra difficult, new singles are thrown into the combination at varied factors, and the viewers will get some say into who’s booted off the present (through voting). Season 3 will even see the return of Casa Amor, which is a second villa to which half the cast is distributed. There, they meet a model new group of singles and should resolve in the event that they wish to persist with their present companion or go for a brand new one. 

“Season 2 was our first season having Casa Amor. We will have it back this season, which is my favorite part of the show,” mentioned Vandenberg. “It’s the ultimate temptation. All of the sudden there’s new girls and new guys, and the people that you think are staying together are split up, and now they’re with a whole bunch of new people. It stirs the pot. That’s what we need in this show.”

Trina Njoroge, one of many newly introduced Season 3 Islanders

Since “Love Island” is such a quintessentially British present, it was unclear how it will land in America. But three seasons in, Vandenberg thinks it’s been successful. 

“Love is love, whether you’re in England or in America. People love watching the friendships that blossom on this show and the love that comes out of it.” 

Each season sees the standard character sorts frequent on relationship reveals: the cocky individual, the soulful one, and many others. 

Javonny Vega is among the newly introduced Season 3 Islanders.

“I’m interested in those people that don’t have filters and just go for it,” Vandenberg mentioned. “If I was on this show in the first lineup, I would step forward [as a dating option] for every person that walked out. Because who cares? You’ve got to put it all out there. Those are the people whose journeys I love following. They live the experience and do what they’re supposed to do on this show, which is to have fun with it and really go for it.”

Although she hasn’t but interacted with Season 3’s crop of Islanders, she say Season 2’s Cely Vazquez is a favourite.

“I loved watching her because yes, she was coupled up with Johnny [Middlebrooks] the entire time, but it just felt like she was so open. And I love that type of journey for someone. The people that are the most open get the most out of the show, and we get the most out of them as viewers.”