Homeless man from Washington found $17,000 cash on the ground. Even the police couldn’t believe what he did with the money


While walking down the road, a homeless man from Washington spotted brown bag on the ground with $17,000 cash in it. And while we know what most of the people would have done in his situation, what he did left everyone in the city speechless.

While Jerry Backposh was looking for the bread that is left outside the building for people to take, he spotted the bag on the ground. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw the cash in the bag.

Jerry took the bag and rushed in front of the local Community Food Bank and waited more than 20 minutes to open. Then he gave the bag to a volunteer who opened the door for him. Because of the weight of the bag, the volunteer thought there is food inside the bag. It wasn’t food. It was $17,000 in cash.

The people from the food bank called a police and reported the case. The officers tried to determine who left the bag there but they couldn’t find it. But they know who found it.

Police kept the cash for 90 days, the length of time required under state law for someone to make a claim of ownership. No one did, so the money went to the food bank. So they decided to use the cash for supplies and small gifts for the homeless people visiting them every day.

Jerry knows what hunger feels like so he wanted to share his finding with other homeless people and he did the right thing!