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Health care provider seizes ties with Mississippi jails after trial of Jay Z and Yo Gotti

A health care provider has ended its multi-million dollar relationship with the Mississippi Department of Corrections. Provider, Centurion has to face court case, And the department as well as allegations of negligence.

Following the announcement Team Row, Jay Z’s company, the philanthropic arm of Roche Nation, and rapper Yo Gotti announced the team to appoint counsel for 227 Mississippi prisoners on conditions in prison.

The July 7 letter to the Department of Centurion, part of Centurion Corporation, states CBS Affiliate WJTV, That it was ending their relationship, effective from October 5, 2020.

Steven H. Wheeler, CEO wrote, “As we shared earlier, we do not believe we can improve our level of effectiveness by improving departmental additional staffing. Of Centurion.

Team Roy’s chief counsel, Mercy Croft, said he hoped the Centurion’s decision to end the relationship would “send a clear message to Governor Tate Reeves – it’s time to invest in the health and wellbeing of people in your prisons.”

“There is no excuse for the 53 deaths in the Mississippi prison system over the past several months, many of which were prevented,” Croft said in a statement. “We will not stop until unprovably consistent and competent medical care is received, especially now with the COVID-19 crisis. This should be a priority.”

Violence, understanding and deteriorating infrastructure have damaged Mississippi’s prison system. More than 50 people have died in state facilities since December 29, a figure that includes suicides, murders and cases that were classified as “natural deaths”. The suit claims that the plaintiff’s life is in crisis while inside.

A doctor who sued Mississippi said the worst the state has ever seen in a jail. Dr. Mark Stern, who specializes in corrective health care and has evaluated dozens of similar facilities across the country, said he exposed electric wires inside the ravine – one of the state’s prisons – that is near some standing water .

Stern said, “The circumstances under which the occupants are living in the subhuman are sub-human and derogatory in civilized society.”

Lawyers also claim that there was a shortage COVID-19 Testing Protocol Or lack of social security protocols and personal protective equipment, along with a focus on therapy for prisoners.

According to the senten WebsiteThe company “provides corrective health care and employee services to government agencies” in 17 states. “By combining sound financial discipline with the delivery of appropriate care, Centurion is gaining recognition among the states as a top correctional healthcare provider,” the website reads.

Justin Carissimo contributed reporting.