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HE THROWED OVER A BOMB TO SAVE HIS SON! The boy found an explosive device in the household, his father jump over the bomb to save him and died in a horrible explosion

Milorad A. (45) died at around 11.30 am in a family house in the village of Tešica near Aleksinac in an attempt to protect his eight-year-old son from a hand grenade explosion, “Blic” has learned.

The unfortunate man succumbed to horrific injuries, and the boy was rushed to the hospital.

Milorad A. was engaged in security affairs, and the bomb was illegally in his house on unsecured place and super easy to be found.

The little boy is in the hospital in stabile condition with both ear drums injuries.


“Relatives called because SOMETHING BREAK, AND MIKI COLLAPSED …” Brother of a brave man who threw himself on a bomb to save his son revealed details of horror

We brought a bed into the room where his brother lived. Milorad stayed to vacuum the dust, and I went to the store. Five minutes have not passed and our relatives are calling us because something broke, Miki collapsed. When I came I had something to see …

This is what Saša A., brother of Milorad A. (45), who died in a family bomb blast at the family home at around 11.30 today, tells “Blic”. As we announced earlier, Milorad A.’s eight-year-old son found an explosive device in the house and the father tried to take it from him, but the device was activated and to save his son’s life, Milorad threw a bomb and died of his injuries.

Just before the tragedy, Milorad and Sasha were tidying up the room of his brother IA, who died of a heart attack in January.

– We got up, drank coffee. Milorad came with his son. We served ourselves, and then we took to bringing that bed … – said Sasha.

He says that Milorad A. suffered terrible injuries in the explosion, from which he died immediately.

– My mother held his head, we brought water, massaged him. The ambulance came with the devices, but nothing was worth it … He was all torn on his face, stomach, body … Fortunately, the boy was not seriously injured – says Sasa.

After the explosion, the eight-year-old was transported to Aleksinac, and then to the Clinical Center in Nis, where it was determined that he was not seriously injured. Two hours after the tragedy, the boy’s relatives returned home from the hospital.

The boy only has a band-aid on his ear where he was touched by one of the shrapnel.

According to the story of the relatives, the bomb was most likely in the room of the deceased brother IA, and he found the little one while they were tidying up the room. He brought the bomb to his father, and after that there was a horrible explosion. What is known for now is that the brave Milorad A. writhed around the bomb to save his son’s life.

Relatives come to the house of the family of the injured man in Tešica to express their condolences, crying and wailing can be heard from the street.

– Two tragedies in three months. Terrible – says one of the relatives.


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