Have you seen foxes in San Diego recently?


SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — People dwelling in La Jolla and Mission Beach have reported seeing some distinctive guests currently….foxes!

Within the final a number of weeks, they have been noticed in each places.

Surveillance video captured at a house on Ashbury Court in South Mission Beach exhibits what seems to be a fox strolling alongside the fence sniffing round.

The girl who lives there tells News 8 it first confirmed up Sunday round 8:40 p.m., then returned hours later at 4:30 a.m.

Jeff Davis of Bird Rock had an analogous expertise final month.

“I was really stoked. It was really interesting to see what we normally don’t see in Bird Rock.”

He took these photographs a fox on his patio, saying:

“It was literally only a couple minutes at most it was there, and then it went over the edge and left.”

We shared his photographs, in addition to the video with Carly Padilla, an training specialist at San Diego Humane Society’s Project Wildlife.

She confirmed they’re gray foxes, that are distinguished in San Diego.

While the sightings could appear uncommon, she says they are not, particularly now as a result of it is child season, when foxes who’re pregnant or planning to be are searching for a spot to nest.

“If there’s a great food or water source around, then that’s gonna be a great place for a mother to make her nest. Some of our species are monogamous and so they sometimes come back to the same spot they had babies last year,” Padilla said. “If it was successful for them, they’re gonna come back again or it’s a new time of year and it’s time to find a new mate as well.”

Padilla says over the subsequent couple of months, count on to see not solely foxes, however coyotes, bobcats and mountain lions doing the identical.

And do not be shocked in the event that they’re on the coast, which is pretty near open areas they frequent.

“Kate Sessions and Tecolote Canyon….and so what we may think is you know far away for us, it’s a hop and a skip and a jump for them so they usually have their pathways they go through,” she stated.

So what ought to you do if you see considered one of these animals?

Padilla says preserve your distance.

She additionally suggests ensuring there isn’t any meals left outdoors, whether or not it’s on your pet or fruit droppings from a tree.

Also, shut up any open areas prime for nesting, and produce your animals in at night time.

Finally, recognize what some individuals could not get an opportunity to.

“We wanna enjoy it. It’s really something that makes San Diego super special,” Padilla stated. 

“It’s really appreciating that we can cohabitate,” he stated. 

Contact Project Wildlife if you see considered one of these animals and so they seem injured or they are not fearful of people, which additionally could point out there’s an issue.


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