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Hannah Burner of Summer House on Kyle, Amanda’s claim about Des

Season 5 summer house The bottom may be curved, but the drama is just beginning. Hannah Burner Became apparent during an exclusive interview with Us Weekly Her costumes suggest that her fiancé, Des bishop, Is using him for fame.

“My friends are going to the dais and I like, ‘Come for me, just please leave Dais out of it.” There is this legend that he, like, is using me for the show or Luke [Gulbranson] He said he used me and called him a ‘wash-up comedian’ and it’s very disturbing, “the 29-year-old” Bering in Hell “podcast host said America. “I am so angry. … It is not good for his career to go on this show. He has his own talk going on in Europe.”

Des Bishop, Hannah Berner, Kyle Cook, and Amanda Batula. Courtesy Des Bishop / Instagram; Gregory Pace / Shutterstock

During the summer of 2020, Bravo met Hannah at the age of 45 shortly before she began filming season 5 of the hit. When the couple engaged in February, fans met her for the first time when she met Hannah at Hampton’s house on 8 April. Episode.

Episode of April 19, during Monday “Everything Distinguished with Danny Pellegrino” Podcast, Kyle cook And Amanda Batula Up Des’ reality TV past, including a stent dancing with the Stars in Ireland.

“I don’t know him well [to say if he’s an opportunist], 29-year-old Amanda told Danny Pellegrino. “I was really happy to see him behaving so well with Hannah [and] Just give him your undivided attention. … [So], I hope that is not what the case is and maybe it started the same way and then she actually fell in love with him. “

Kyle said that Des came back as “two-faced” after watching the show. “People are trying to get over it, ‘Kyle, did you know that he was on two different reality shows before that? One in Asia, like, a dating show?’ dancing with the Stars, Ireland edition, ”he told the host of The Des.

Hannah, for her part, becomes emotional as she discusses the situation America“Here for the Right Reasons” podcast.

“I have not come for people’s relationships. I know that they tried to make it in such a way that I could enable it. I wish everyone the best in their relationship, but just leave Des like. It was not good for him to go to the show. He has done [the show] Because he loved me, “he said during season 4 before referencing his previous relationship with Luke” “But people are too caught up in the Luke stuff … the Luke drama was just … I had someone like that It hurt the person I was so close to. “

Paige Desbo The couple added, “I wish I loved everything as much as Hannah Des.”

Hanna’s strained relationship with Kyle and Amanda took another turn after a comedian appeared in Hamaha’s Costar’s bathroom during a visit to ‘Des’ at home.

“We did not have sex in the bathroom. We are there for 30 seconds, “she told America. “They’re acting like I’ve murdered someone. And, like, how long has sex been summer house Thought this disgusting thing? … I’m confused by all this. But I am ready to be passionate and reactionary this season. “

Season 5 finale summer house Bravo on Thursday April 22 at 9 pm ET.

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