From serial killers to con males, doc reveals worst roommates ever


And you thought your roommate was unhealthy.

The new Netflix docuseries “Worst Roommate Ever,” out Tuesday, March 1, covers way more than simply unhealthy roomies who blast loud music at odd hours or neglect their share of the family chores. From a granny-type who is definitely a serial killer to a violent alleged con man who attacked his housemate and left her for lifeless wrapped in a tarp on a development web site, the present’s darkish, disturbing tales gives you a higher appreciation for roomies who commit no higher crime than being sloppy. Have a glance.

The serial-killer granny

In 1988, when Judy, a now-retired social employee, was serving to Alvaro “Bert” Gonzales Montoya, a person who was identified with schizophrenia, discover a residence in Sacramento, California, she came across a boarding home run by Dorothea Puente. 

Dorothea Puente, who died in 2011, was a serial killer who appeared like a grandmother and was a pillar of her neighborhood in 1988.
Sacramento Bee

“She seemed so sweet. She had a box of kittens, and she had little bottles of milk that she was feeding them,” Judy says within the documentary. “We were impressed, we were thinking, ‘She is nice.’ ” Puente instructed Judy that she was independently rich and easily preferred serving to individuals. 

Puente’s boarding home got here well-recommended, and it appeared as if Bert can be in good fingers. The landlord had a popularity for taking in boarders with psychological disabilities or alcoholism and giving them a secure place to keep whereas they paid her hire out of Social Security checks.

“Dorothea Puente was loved by her community, and loved by local politicians,” Detective John Cabrera of the Sacramento Police Department says within the documentary. “She would donate to native charities and provides them baggage of clothes. She was taking in all these individuals, treating her neighbors effectively. She was giving free meals away to the neighborhood. “

Homicide detective John Cabrera, left, with Dorothea Puente in 1988.
Sacramento Bee

Judy turned alarmed when she checked on Bert a number of months later, and Puente instructed her an improbable-sounding story that he had traveled to Mexico. When Judy adopted up and checked in with John Sharp, one other boarder in the home, and requested if one thing was incorrect there, Judy recalled, “He said, ‘Yeah, something is wrong here . . . she’s been digging a lot of holes.’ ”

Puente, who died in 2011 at age 82, turned out to be a serial killer. After Judy contacted the police about Bert’s disappearance, they discovered disturbed soil on her property and uncovered seven our bodies. She was charged with 9 murders, together with Bert’s, and it was found that she drugged her victims. It additionally emerged that she had a previous report of prostitution, fraud, drugging and theft, and impersonating a health care provider, however within the Eighties, information weren’t what they’re at present. “Nobody was keeping an eye on her until 1988,” mentioned Cabrera.

“When you first have a look at her, you suppose, ‘This could be my grandmother.’ “

The obsessed assassin 

When 36-year-old school pupil and armed forces vet Maribel Ramos was searching for a roommate in Orange, California, she found Kwang Chol “K.C.” Joy, then 55, from a Craigslist advert. “I am a Korean single professional male,” he wrote in his response to her submit. “I have a 10 lb dog. Yorkie… I like to keep things clean. I am easy going and get along with most people.” 

Roommate killer Kwang Chol “K.C.” Joy initially appeared like a pleasant older man with a Yorkie, Maribel Ramos’ sister mentioned.
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Despite their age distinction, Ramos and Joy struck up an amicable roommate relationship whereas Ramos studied prison justice at California State University, Fullerton. 

“He looked like a nice older man,” Ramos’ sister, Lucero “Lucy” Gonzalez, 30, mentioned within the documentary. “He told me that he doesn’t have any family, has never had a wife, has never had children . . . she can work and do her school, and not worry about the things that you worry about when you have a younger roommate. It seemed like it would be a good fit.” 

After a number of months glided by, Gonzalez began getting uneasy about her sister’s dwelling state of affairs when Joy referred to as her and confessed that he was in love with Ramos. 

“He starts telling me, ‘I know your sister wants to get married and have kids. I want to be the man that she’s looking for.’ I was in shock,” she mentioned. “I told him, ‘You guys are not a match. You’re older, she’s young. The type of partner that she needs is not you. I’m sorry, but my sister will never like you like that.’ ”

Maribel Ramos, remembered after her homicide at age 36 within the photograph at her commencement ceremony in 2013.
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Gonzalez implored Ramos to rethink dwelling with him. “I said, ‘If this is the case, then he can’t live with you anymore.’ He’s in her house, those things can go terribly wrong.” 

Ramos assured Gonzalez not to fear about it, however after that, his habits turned erratic. For instance, when Ramos commented that he would look good with a tattoo, he got here residence with a large tiger inked onto his arm. He additionally spent greater than $10,000 on cosmetic surgery to look youthful, Orange County Police Department Detective Shawn Hayden says within the documentary. “This weird behavior snowballed, and K.C.’s feelings towards Maribel were not reciprocated . . . I believe that put him over the edge. I think he snapped,” Hayden mentioned. 

On April 21, 2013, 12 days earlier than Ramos disappeared, she referred to as the police, alleging that when she talked to Joy about transferring out as a result of he stopped paying hire, she felt “threatened.” 

Murdering roommate Joy “snapped” and killed his roommate Maribel Ramos, who he was obsessive about, in 2013.
Bruce Chambers

“We had a conversation today that kind of freaked me out,” she mentioned in the course of the name. “I’m not feeling comfortable around him anymore . . . He sounded like he would hurt me. I’m calling to let you guys know that if something happens, I did it because I was trying to defend myself.” 

Ramos went lacking on May 2, 2013. The following day, Joy despatched a message to Gonzalez that he was “worried” about Ramos, and he referred to as the police as a result of she hadn’t come residence that evening. 

During their investigation, police spoke to Joy’s sister in Tennessee, who described him as a “monster” with a daunting mood and had a restraining order in opposition to him. 

Joy was charged with the homicide on May 17, 2013, after Ramos’ physique was present in a distant canyon that police discovered by monitoring his computer exercise on the native library. He was sentenced to 15 years to life in jail on July 29, 2014. He’s at present incarcerated at Correctional Training Facility in Soledad, California. 

“I just knew that he did something to her,” Gonzalez says within the docuseries. “I pointed the finger at him immediately.” 

The charismatic “con man” 

In April 2011, Texas-born Callie Quinn, then 23, was dwelling in Santiago, Chile, educating English and dwelling in a hostel-like home with a number of worldwide roommates. Among them was Youssef Khater, a Palestinian-Danish athlete who traveled all over the world working in marathons. 

“He was much older than all of us, we were all in our mid 20s, and he was like, 32,” Quinn says within the documentary.

Youssef Khater, a violent alleged con man, attacked his roommate and left her for lifeless in 2011.

He preferred holding courtroom and regaling his housemates with implausible-seeming tales of heroic deeds that he had finished whereas he was within the Danish particular forces, mentioned Quinn. She was doubtful, and that’s when their relationship started to bitter. 

“I thought he was a bulls – – tter and let him know . . . he picked up on me not really liking him much. And that really upset him, because he’s used to people liking him.”

Unbeknownst to Quinn, Khater was an alleged con man who swindled individuals out of money for numerous endeavors, together with sponsoring his marathons. The documentary explains that he’d fled Denmark quite than stand trial for fraud and arson, as a result of he had allegedly cheated individuals out of money in a scam for a visit to Dubai. He had promised to e-book tickets with their money, however his residence burned down with the money in it, in accordance to authorities. 

In 2011, Quinn wasn’t an enormous fan of his, however she had no concept that something extra sinister was occurring. Their shared home didn’t have enough warmth for the winter, and when Quinn complained about it together with her good friend and fellow American housemate, Molly, Khater talked about that he’d bought condos with higher lodging and would hire them to the ladies. They gave him one month’s hire and a safety deposit round $1,000, however Khater saved pushing aside their transfer with excuses for why the residences weren’t prepared but. 

Callie Quinn was a 23-year-old American dwelling in Chile when she was home mates with violent “con man” Khater.

On July 20, 2011, Quinn went out with Khater to get the important thing for the residence she’d be renting from him, and so they obtained drinks to rejoice. He drank so much, and it got here out that he owed money to numerous individuals. Afterwards, he lured her to a development web site the place he hit her on the top, jumped on prime of her, and strangled her. 

“I can’t do anything, it’s total helplessness,” she recounts on-screen. “In my mind, I was like, ‘This is how I die.’ ” 

She didn’t know the way lengthy she was unconscious for, however when she awoke, she was wrapped in tarp and coated in dust and ash that he had thrown on prime of her. He’d buried her alive, however “not deep enough, I guess,” she mentioned. “He wanted to make sure nobody could find me. Had I died, nobody would have known where I was. Had someone found my body, there would be no way to identify who I was,” she mentioned, since he additionally took her identification.

When she made her manner again to the home, coated in ash, disoriented from her head damage, with a hoarse voice from being strangled, he was the primary individual she noticed. He feigned concern and mentioned, “Thank God, you’re here, we were so worried.” 

When Quinn instructed her home mates what occurred, her good friend Molly mentioned on-screen, “We noticed he was more upset that she was accusing him than that she was hurt.”

Quinn was ready to discover a lawyer and, in accordance to Texas Monthly, Youssef was sentenced to 541 days for the homicide try and 61 days for fraud in 2012. Today, he’s a free man.

“It’s not over yet,” Quinn mentioned. “It’s still happening somewhere, we just don’t know where.”