Fort Bend County Judge KP George among many dealing with ruptured


Experts say shutting off water throughout a leak or rupture is the very first thing you must do.

RICHMOND, Texas — Fort Bend County Judge KP George oversaw a personal emergency Wednesday along with the one going through residents.

“Last night we got power after two days and didn’t have water,” George mentioned. “We finally got water and now we have water everywhere in places we don’t want it.”

His spouse first seen water on the ground possible attributable to a burst pipe.

“I’m supposed to be on a conference call, but now I’m dealing with this,” George mentioned.

It was simply the newest job for George’s repairman who, like many counterparts with plumbing abilities, was working to reply to a flurry of calls.

“There’s many people much worse off than me,” George mentioned. “It’s just part of day-to-day life.”

Water can freeze inside pipes and rupture them. But they don’t usually leak till your energy comes again on and the ice is allowed to thaw.

Shutting off your water might help make sure that it doesn’t proceed to circulation.

“I’m hoping it goes away and that the weather gets better,” mentioned Jerome Hall of Richmond. “There’s lots of people out right here with out no energy.”

Fort Bend County has responded to tons of of calls associated to this week’s climate on high of complications going through owners and others.

“I hope we learn are lesson from these kinds of disasters,” George said. “Then, at least, we are prepared to deal with the future.”

Right now, dealing with the present catastrophe is way from over.