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For Black Aides on Capitol Hill, Jan. 6 Brought Particular Trauma

“This was the ugliest display of racism that I’ve seen ever. And I’m from the South,” says Remmington Belford, 30, the communications director for Representative Yvette D. Clarke, Democrat of New York. “There’s a specific demographic of people that you know conduct themselves that way, and you find your way away from them. Those people came to Capitol Hill. The people who believe in supremacy due to genetics were on Capitol Hill, and they were armed, and they were incensed.”

The employees members described emotions of concern in regards to the bodily menace and anger in regards to the psychic harm accomplished by the mob.

“I never though I’d see the Confederate flag walked through the halls of Congress,” mentioned Mike McQuerry, 50, the communications director for Delegate Stacey Plaskett, Democrat of the Virgin Islands and an impeachment supervisor within the trial of former President Donald J. Trump. “As much as we think we’ve had progress, we haven’t progressed that much.”

Mr. McQuerry mentioned that white rioters, utilizing drive and rage, gained entry to components of the Capitol that had at all times been off-limits to him, like Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office or the ground of the Senate.

“Those insurgents got to places where we as staffers couldn’t go,” he mentioned, “places we wouldn’t even think about going.”

Mr. McKnight, Mr. Belford and Mr. McQuerry watched the worst of the violence as they had been fortified of their workplaces within the Rayburn Building on the House facet of the Capitol complicated.

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