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FDA approves new drug to fight obesity

America has a new weapon within the fight in opposition to obesity. The FDA on Friday approved a new weight-loss drug, Wegovy, for people who find themselves both overweight or obese and have not less than one weight-related medical drawback. 

“We have to think about obesity no different than hypertension, than high cholesterol, than diabetes,” stated Dr. Domenica Rubino, the director of the Washington Center for Weight Management and Research. 

Rubino stated folks taking current obesity medicines lose a median of about 7% to 9% of their physique weight. “People who require 10%, 15%, 20% weight loss, we need tools,” she stated.

During a 16-month examine, sufferers on Wegovy lost a median of 17% of their physique weight. Side results included diarrhea and nausea, which often resolved because the dose was slowly elevated. Patients taken off the drug gained again greater than half their weight reduction. 

Trial participant Lisa Robillard lost 63 kilos. She stated she beforehand tried fad diets or some other strategies she thought would assist her drop some weight. 

“I wasn’t hungry between meals, which was just unheard of for me. I was fuller quicker and cravings that I had disappeared,” she stated of the new drug. 

Wegovy is analogous to the diabetes drug Ozempic, which is already being prescribed off-label for weight reduction. Both medicine mimic a pure hormone that helps regulate urge for food. Wegovy is accepted for long-term use and it is beneficial that or not it’s paired with food plan and train. 

“These hormones actually affect signals in the brain,” Rubino stated. “It really just doesn’t come down to willpower. It’s much more complicated. This physiology is very strong and it is not your fault.”