Ethan, Olivia Plath Reveal Biggest Reality TV Regrets: Video


Looking again. After three years of marriage and three seasons on Welcome to Plathville, Ethan Plath and Olivia Plath opened up about their actuality present regrets — from awkward outfits, previous tattoos and that now-infamous driveway confrontation that kicked off the household’s ongoing feud.

The pair, each 23, solely spoke with Us Weekly in August and went into element about what they need they’d accomplished in another way throughout their tenure on the hit TLC present.

“I have definitely had moments of regret,” Ethan informed Us. “I definitely, like, thought, ‘Why did I ever say yes? I should never have said yes.’ But then, at the same time, there have been positive aspects of the show as well.”

Ethan and Olivia Plath.
Courtesy Ethan Plath/Instagram

Olivia echoed her husband’s sentiments earlier than noting that she doesn’t remorse her expertise as an entire.

“I felt, like, with anything in life there’s positives and negatives, and in the negative moments, it’s really easy to question everything,” the blogger added. “But I feel like there’s been more positives than negatives and I feel like it’s also added to our life. It opened a lot of doors for us, and, like, overall, I don’t regret it.”

The couple, who wed in 2018, have had a tense relationship with Ethan’s of us — Kim Plath and Barry Plath — ever since they had been planning their marriage ceremony. The drama has since been chronicled on the household’s TLC actuality program, which is at the moment in its third season. Things got here to a head through the season 2 finale when Ethan confronted his dad and mom within the driveway about their mistreatment of Olivia. As the state of affairs grew extra heated, the Georgia native ultimately mentioned goodbye to his youngest siblings earlier than driving away.

Looking again now, Ethan and Olivia remorse how they dealt with the emotional scene as a result of they’ve a greater understanding of their boundaries.

“Pretty much anything with his parents in it, I would redo,” the marriage photographer famous. “But I also realize that’s me three years later with better boundaries and more growth saying, ‘Why did I handle things that way?’ So I have to give myself grace for that. But there [were] definitely some of those [moments that] were just really awkward. I’d redo the driveway scene [and] the talk with your parents on the couch.”

Ethan, for his half, famous that if he may return to that intense second in time, he would have tried to deal with the state of affairs extra calmly.

“Well, I know for me — she probably wouldn’t have done it at all — but I know for me, if I was actually going to [re]do it or if I could go back to do it over again, I probably would have absolutely been polite and, you know, all of that, but I would have stood up for [Olivia] and for me. But I don’t know, after we were married, that was not long at all,” Ethan added.

His spouse continued, “We were still floundering trying to figure out how to set boundaries and finding that line between ‘always respect your parents’ and ‘we’re not being respected, we’re being walked on.’ So, I think, like, us looking back and changing is just coming from a place of growth. So there’s grace for a younger version of yourself that doesn’t know better.”

For extra of the married couple’s actuality present confessions — together with which make-up and wardrobe seems to be make Olivia cringe— watch the unique video above.

Welcome to Plathville airs on TLC Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET.

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