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Domestic workers in the Gulf open up about the labor situation on Tiktok

Female domestic workers, who are often isolated, are particularly vulnerable to abuse, according to rights groups.

With the epidemic already decreasing with minimal freedom and their isolation decreasing, domestic workers are defiantly using the ticock to tell the world how they are being treated, although doing so can be dangerous.

Some women use posts to blow off steam. Others try to provoke their often working conditions, often with a lethal sense of humor. Their audience, many of them even foreign employees, say that scrolling through funny videos is a way to reduce loneliness and may provide little relief from stress, anxiety, or depression.

“Many people are suffering here,” said 35-year-old Marijen Cajotto, a Filipino activist in Saudi Arabia. For more than 18,000 followers. “The way he expresses his depression, his stress from his work is through Ticktock. Friends send me videos and advice This is a kind of help line. “

Ms. Dama began posting on TickTalk about a year ago documenting the travels of workers like her in the Middle East. Before the “Don’t Got It” video went viral, he had less than 20,000 followers. After coming out, this number increased to about 5,000 within days, and She now has over 32,000.

Her videos, often teased with sarcasm, spread some weighty problems facing domestic laborers in the Gulf.

In Another video, Ms. Dama wearing a head scarf to imitate her Saudi employer. Her boss accuses her of stealing money because she “returns home from poverty,” according to Ms. Dama.

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