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‘Dardevil’ star Charlie Cox on his new crime show ‘Kin’

Charlie Cox, who’s greatest recognized for starring as blind lawyer/vigilante Matt Murdock on “Daredevil,” stated it was a novelty to make use of all his senses once more in his new crime drama, “Kin.” 

“I was excited to be on camera again and to be able to use my eyes in my craft,” Cox, 38, advised The Post.

“It’s been such an amazing experience doing the Marvel ‘Daredevil’ show, and particularly the fact that it’s opened doors for me, and my involvement with the visually impaired community. But trying to act without your eyes is tremendously challenging. It was always important for me to get that right. So, it was quite enjoyable for me to be able to act again and not think about that.”

Charlie Cox wore sun shades to play blind lawyer/vigilante Matt Murdock in “Daredevil.”
David Lee/Netflix

Premiering Sept. 9 on AMC+, mob drama “Kin” is about in Dublin and facilities across the Kinsellas, a tight-knit Irish crime household. Among others, there’s prodigal son Michael Kinsella (Cox), who’s re-adjusting to life after a stint in jail, head of the household Frank (Aiden Gillen, “Game of Thrones,”); hotheaded Eric (Sam Keely); Michael’s intense brother Jimmy (Emmett J Scanlan, “Peaky Blinders”); and Jimmy’s no-nonsense spouse, Amanda (Clare Dunne). 

“I’ve been fans of [co-stars] Ciaran Hinds and Aiden Gillen for my whole career. I’ve watched them since I was a teenager. They’re two of the best in the business, so that was very exciting for me,” stated Cox. 

Irish mobsters Michael (Charlie Cox) and Eamon (Ciaran Hinds) in “Kin.”
Kin Series Holding UK Ltd and He

“Clare, I think ,is going to wow people. And I had particularly good fun with Emmett Scanlon and Sam Keely. We actually — myself, Sam, and Emmett — by chance all rented [apartments] in the same building. And because of lockdown, we weren’t allowed to see other people, but since we were working together, we were technically in the same pod. So, we would have meals together [and] we became very close. We had a lot of laughs. Myself and Emmett particularly were often being asked to focus.” 

Charlie Cox as Michael shares fun with Sam Keely as Eric in “Kin.” Right: Clare Dunne as Amanda.
Kin Series Holding UK Ltd and He

As the show progresses, the Kinsellas attempt to get out from beneath the thumb of native drug kingpin Eamon Cunningham (Hinds), which ends up in a violent confrontation and a brewing conflict.

“I wanted Michael to feel very vulnerable and very humbled by life, and quiet and unassuming and delicate,” stated Cox. “But I also knew that it was important that beneath all of that, you got glimpses into a man who, in his past, has been and is still capable of some quite brutal violence. My hope is that you see someone who has been damaged by life and wants to change his ways. But change is difficult, particularly if you’ve grown up in a certain way of life. So that was the acting challenge.”

Cox is not any stranger to crime dramas, between “Daredevil” and his stint on “Boardwalk Empire,” however “Kin” gave him an opportunity to play a new sort of character.

Charlie Cox as Matt Murdock in “Daredevil.”
Nicole Rivelli/Netflix

“It’s the first time I’ve played anyone with a child,” stated Cox, who’s British however relies in Connecticut with his spouse, producer Samantha Thomas, and their household. 

“I’ve two youngsters, so I used to be actually excited to discover that and be a father onscreen. That ingredient of the story was actually necessary to me. Michael is pushed by his must spend as a lot time as potential with his household. When we meet him firstly, he’s been in jail for eight years and he has no relationship with his daughter. That has induced him a large amount of struggling and ache.

“Other than that, the crime element of the show — that’s done for us in the writing and in the plot. Really, these people are just a family and they love each other and there’s dysfunction and they have the same kind of difficulties and problems as any other family. The only difference being that when business is bad for them, it’s potentially life or death.” 

The household facet of the show prolonged offscreen, too, since Cox’s spouse Thomas additionally produced it. 

“I don’t make a point of [working on her projects],” he stated. “I don’t like having my wife as my boss! We’ve worked together before and that was a great experience. But it’s very unlikely that that will present itself [again]. It was a happy coincidence that the show she was producing was something I was so impressed by.”

Naturally, the Ireland-set crime drama required Cox to don an accent.

“The difference between doing Irish [when I was] on ‘Boardwalk Empire’ and doing Irish on this show was that I am surrounded by Irish actors in ‘Kin,’ ” he stated. “And so, if the accent isn’t good, it will stick out like a sore thumb. They were very kind about it, but they were probably trying to be encouraging. I probably won’t read reviews because I don’t tend to do that. But hopefully it’s good enough. We’ll see!”