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COVID vaccine doesn’t need to be stored at freezing temps anymore

The Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine now not wants to be stored at ultra-freezing temperatures and might be safely stored inside regular medical freezers — making distribution simpler, the agency stated in a report Friday.

The makers of the photographs, together with the German biotechnology agency BioNTech, have found the doses can stay at between 5 and -13 levels Fahrenheit with out spoiling — as an alternative of -94 levels like beforehand thought,  according to the Financial Times.

The capacity to retailer the life-saving jabs at larger temperatures offers vaccine distribution facilities “greater flexibility” and makes them “easier to transport and use” in rural or hard-to-reach areas,  BioNTech’s CEO Ugur Sahin stated.

The new vaccine “stability data” revealed by the businesses have now been submitted to U.S. Food and Drug Administration, the paper reported.

Pfizer’s groundbreaking vaccine was the primary to be accepted within the US and Europe final year. But in November, consultants warned that the vaccine might turn into a logistical nightmare to distribute to due to sub-zero storage temperatures.

Companies concerned in transport the photographs have since complained additionally that the federal government had failed to take into account temperature-related the challenges of “last mile” supply.

The need to retailer and transport the vaccine at ultra-freezing temperatures has delayed its rollout, particularly distant areas with out so-called “cold-chain” infrastructure.