COVID infection increases risk for dangerous heart issues, study finds


In the year after contracting COVID, sufferers are at an elevated risk for creating 20 cardiac issues, a brand new study discovered. 

Those issues embrace stroke, heart assault, myocarditis and irregular heart rhythms, in line with the study from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Study authors estimate COVID infections have led to three million instances of heart illness within the U.S. 

Even youthful, more healthy folks had been at risk, as had been those that weren’t hospitalized for COVID, in line with the study. 

After a COVID infection final year, Dr. Evelina Grayver turned a affected person in her personal heart program at Northwell Health in New York. Grayver, a marathon runner, could not even make it up a flight of stairs. 

“I literally felt like I just ran a marathon, that my heart was just racing,” she instructed CBS News. “I decided to no longer play my own doctor and actually seek medical help.” 

Grayver had long-haul COVID and was identified with myocarditis, or irritation of the heart muscle. Her heart was failing to pump usually. 

“It was very scary,” she stated. “We know the risk of the myocarditis of sudden cardiac death. My first night was the scary one. I kept on thinking to myself, ‘Please, please let me just wake up in the morning.’” 

She worries that cardiac issues will enhance for sufferers who’ve been uncovered and contaminated with COVID. 

“We are literally just beginning to scratch the surface of it all,” she stated.