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Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects: Your Questions Answered

Nobody actually is aware of why some folks have quite a lot of unwanted side effects and others have none. We do know that youthful folks mount stronger immune responses to vaccines than older folks, whose immune techniques get weaker with age. Women usually have stronger immune responses than males. But once more, these variations don’t imply that you just aren’t protected in case you don’t really feel a lot after getting the shot.

Scientists nonetheless aren’t positive how efficient the vaccines are in folks whose immune techniques could also be weakened from sure medical circumstances, reminiscent of most cancers therapies or H.I.V. an infection or as a result of they’re taking immune suppressing medicine. But most consultants consider the vaccines nonetheless provide these sufferers some safety in opposition to Covid-19.

The backside line is that despite the fact that particular person immune responses can differ, the information collected up to now present that each one three vaccines permitted within the United States — Pfizer-BioNTech, Moderna and Johnson & Johnson — are efficient in opposition to extreme sickness and loss of life from Covid-19.

You shouldn’t attempt to stave off discomfort by taking a ache reliever earlier than getting the shot. The concern is that premedicating with a ache reliever like acetaminophen (Tylenol) or ibuprofen (Advil, Motrin), which might forestall unwanted side effects like arm soreness in addition to fever or headache, may also blunt your physique’s immune response.

While it’s doable that taking a ache reliever earlier than your photographs might need dampened your physique’s immune response, vaccine consultants say you shouldn’t fear, and also you shouldn’t attempt to get one other shot. Studies of different vaccines recommend that whereas premedicating can uninteresting the physique’s immune response to a vaccine, your immune system can nonetheless mount a powerful sufficient protection to combat an infection. A evaluation of studies of more than 5,000 children in contrast antibody ranges in kids who took ache relievers earlier than and after vaccinations and people who didn’t. They discovered that ache relievers didn’t have a significant affect on immune response, and that kids in each teams generated ample ranges of antibodies after their photographs.

The excessive efficacy of all of the Covid vaccines means that even when taking Tylenol earlier than the shot did blunt your physique’s immune response, there’s some wiggle room, and you’re doubtless nonetheless effectively protected in opposition to Covid-19. “You should feel reassured that you’ll have enough of an immune response that you’ll will be protected, especially for vaccines that are this good,” mentioned Dr. Offit.

“It’s OK to treat” unwanted side effects with a ache reliever, mentioned Dr. Offit, however in case you don’t actually need one, “don’t take it.”

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