Chinese woman said to have been born in 1886 passes away at her residence 


Alimihan Seyiti, died on December 16, 2021, at her residence in Komuxerik in Shule County in the north-western Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. 

The supercentenarian was born on on June 25, 1886, in the course of the imperial Qing dynasty. 

Below are a listing of world occasions she would have lived by in her lengthy life: 

1897: Greco-Turkish battle

1901: Formation of the Commonwealth of Australia

1903: Wright brothers make first flight, Suffragettes in Great Britain and Northern Ireland

The Wright Brothers make their first flight in December, 1903

1905: First Russian revolution

1914: World War I begins

1917: Russian revolution leads to communism

1918: World War I ends, Spanish flu pandemic kills tens of millions

1921: Chinese Communists rise

1924: Russia goes from Lenin to Stalin

1927: Lindbergh nonstop flight to Paris

1934: Hitler consolidates energy in Germany

1939: World War II Starts

1941: The Holocaust begins 

Troops from the forty eighth Royal Marines at Saint-Aubin-sur-mer on Juno Beach, Normandy, France, in the course of the D-Day landings, sixth June 1944

1945: World War II and the Holocaust ends, first nuclear detonation

1947: India beneficial properties independence

1948: Birth of Israel

1949: NATO based

1950: Korean War begins

1952: Elizabeth II topped in Britain, First Hydrogen Bomb Test

1953: The discovery of DNA

1955: Rosa Parks galvanises civil rights motion, Vietnam battle begins

1958: US Launches First Satellite

1959: Castro takes over Cuba

1961: Berlin Wall constructed

1962: Cuban Missile Crisis

1963: JFK assassinated in Texas

1966: Mao purges rivals

1967: Six-Day War

1968: Martin Luther King assassinated

1969: Moon Landing

1975: Saigon Falls, Vietnam battle ends

1976: The Concorde adjustments air journey

1977: Rise of the PC

1979: Islamic Republic born in Iran

1983: The Internet is born

1989: The Berlin Wall falls

1991: American goes to battle in Middle East

1992: Cold War ends, breakup of Yugoslavia

1993: The EU turns into actuality with treaty

1994: Rwandan genocide 

1999: NATO’s first impartial strike, in Kosovo

2000: International Space Station opens

2001: 9/11 terrorist assaults on New York, U.S. invades Afghanistan

Smoke pours from the dual towers of the World Trade Center after they have been hit by two hijacked airliners in a terrorist assault September 11, 2001 in New York City

2003: US Invades Iraq

2007: The iPhone is launched

2008: Dow plunges, world financial crash

2012: The “God Particle” Is (Probably) Discovered

2016: Trump Elected

2019: Hong Kong Protests

2020: COVID-19 world pandemic 


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