Celtics Durability Will Be Tested This Season Due To Circumstances


The Celtics durability has been tested a few times already this season and it’s only been a few games. With safety protocols for COVID, injuries, and everything else in between, it’ll make it for an interesting time. For Brad Stevens and the Celtics, they shouldn’t expect this to stop any time soon.

Celtics Durability With Rookie Out For Weeks

The injury to Payton Pritchard will not help either. The rookie will be out with a right MCL sprain and will likely be out for the next couple of weeks. Recently, it was Pritchard who stepped up for the Celtics while players were being ruled out. The shooter had highlight games like against Toronto and Indiana. He was the boost off of the bench that was needed for Boston at the right time. Thankfully, the starters are back just in time. 

Health & Safety Protocols 

With this whole pandemic happening for close to a year now, the NBA is taking strict precautions. As a result, earlier this month 3 Celtics had to participate in a 7-day quarantine due to close tracing. Tristan Thomspon, Grant Williams, and Robert Williams III were all out. The NBA certainly made an effort of preventing this by having teams stay in the same city for an extended period of time. However, traveling is still a must in the NBA season, and some will fall through the cracks. 

As we sit and wait on updates for a vaccine and other responses, it will most likely be the case that this won’t end. Expect more players to be in quarantine for an extended period of days. For the Celtics, so many players were inactive on their roster that they had to cancel a game with Miami. So, unfortunately, expect COVID to play a role. 

Quick Turnaround Isn’t good For Vets

Celtics durability will be strongly tested for Center Tristan Thomson.
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To any professional sports, the season comes injuries. And the first notable injury is Kemba Walker. Although he did make his season debut against the Knicks, it was clear he’s not 100% still. However, Boston fans do have to cheer at the fact they have their top guys back on the court. Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, and Walker now ready to make a run. However, with this quick turnaround of an offseason, it may impact the veterans. 

Tristan Thompson is another veteran that’s been slow getting back in the groove. The once starter for the 2016 championship Cavelier team has since been battling injuries. Struggling to stay active for an entire season. Now Coach Stephens has been slowly bringing the starter back with his averaging of 23.4 minutes a game. Currently, he’s leading the team in rebounds with 8.2. If the Celtics durability will be on anyone for the entire season, it’ll weigh on Thompson. 

Brad Stevens and the Celtics will have a lot of adjusting to do as the season progresses. Which is a normal thing. However, due to the circumstances of 2020 bringing in this year, there will be more than usual changes that’ll occur.