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Capitol Inspector General of Police to testify before House panel

“A protective agency is activated to prevent incidents like January 6,” he said.

His comment was Capitol Police Officer William F. It comes two days after Evans, who died of being hit by a car as a guard on Capitol Plaza this month, was honored at the Capitol.

Mr. Bolton, the agency’s independent watchdog, will testify about a 104-page report that he wrote paints the most painful picture of laps and misculturation around the attack.

Classified as “law enforcement sensitive”, the document has not been released to the public, but the New York Times reviewed a copy before Mr. Bolton’s testimony, and the committee Posted a summary online.

It found that the department’s own intelligence unit had warned three days before the attack that former President Donald J., including white supremacists and militia groups who perpetrated the violence. Trump’s supporters will target Congress and could pose a threat to law enforcement and citizens.

But Mr Bolton found that when an operational plan was written two days later, the leaders said that there were no specific known threats related to Congress.