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Can the Gleam of High-End Watches Thrive on Audio-Only Clubhouse?

“On Clubhouse, everybody can raise their hands and participate,” Mr. Sayler mentioned.

Dan Noël, founder of the Swiss digital advertising and marketing company Starterland, mentioned Clubhouse had the potential to carry luxurious manufacturers and their customers collectively. “Even people with money are looking for brands that represent something from a social point of view, that contribute,” he mentioned. “There’s a shift. Customers want direct, authentic connections with brands. Clubhouse offers bidirectional communication.”

The low price of social audio additionally makes it enticing, companies mentioned.

Julien Tornare, the chief govt at Zenith, one of the LVMH Group of watch corporations, mentioned his model was utilizing Clubhouse as a result of it was “logistically much easier” than producing costly video content material for channels reminiscent of YouTube and Instagram. Mr. Tornare and his colleagues seem as themselves moderately than the model, to mirror the extra “personal” nature of the platform.

He additionally mentioned he was removed from satisfied that Clubhouse would final, however that it was price the effort. “We have to be there,” he mentioned. “Right now, it’s the one.”

The Clubhouse format does current challenges for luxurious homes, simply as the web did for years after its acceptance by most companies.

“The problem for luxury brands is that they are obsessed by look and feel,” Mr. Noël mentioned. “Brands have to find a way of creating emotion with their words, which could be frightening for them. And it’s live, so a bad word could be really damaging.” (Shortly after Clubhouse’s debut, there have been complaints that hate speech and harassment have been proliferating. The app has since added blocking and reporting options.)

Mr. Tornare mentioned he wasn’t anxious about dangers. “There are some C.E.O.s trying to avoid being exposed to the press or with a direct audience,” he mentioned. “But I believe if you want to communicate you have to take some risk at some point and be exposed. It’s part of the job. We have to be open to criticism.”

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