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Can Medical Alexa Make Us Healthy?

Medical Alexa Expected:

Over the years, doctors have used Nuance’s transcription software to speak notes about patients and convert them into text for medical records. In theory, this frees doctors from doing paperwork so that they can spend more time in our treatment.

Nuance and other technology and health care providers Want a lot to do with our voices. One idea is that microphones can record conversations (with permission) between physicians and patients and record related files in medical files – without any human involvement. Computers will be smart enough to order any necessary tests and handle billing.

It sounds quiet and maybe a little scary. These ideas are still ongoing, and it is unclear how well this medical Alexa will work. but Dr. Eric J. Topol, A professor of molecular medicine at Scripps Research and author of Many books on technology in medicine, Told me that the voice recognition system is one of the most consequential uses of artificial intelligence in healthcare, at least in the short term.

In Cedars-Sinai, a health system in Southern California, most hospital rooms are said to have been designed with voice-activated equipment. Darren DwaertinChief Information Officer of the organization. For now, the devices are mostly used for relatively mundane interactions, such as a nurse asking a device to show a video to a patient on stopping dangerous falls.

Dworkin said he was most optimistic about using voice and other technologies to automate administrative tasks, such as authorizing insurance for medical treatment and sending tailored text messages to patients.