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Cam Newton Violated COVID Protocols: He’s Out For Five Days

Cam Newton Violated COVID Protocols: He’s Out For Five Days

For the second year in a row Cam Newton will miss time on the field due to COVID. The team released a statement Monday saying Newton had an medical appointment outside the New England area. Do to a misunderstanding on the COVID protocols when it comes to testing he is going to miss practice time. The good thing to come out of this is we will see more of Mac Jones. I want to know how Newton let this happen? He is the starting quarterback the leader of the team and he doesn’t get vaccinated? Yes, that’s his right but when the offense runs through Newton and he has to miss time because of COVID protocols? that’s a bad look.

Cam Newton Should Lose His Job

Jul 28, 2021; Foxborough, MA, United States; New England Patriots quarterback Mac Jones (50) watches New England Patriots quarterback Cam Newton (1) during training camp at Gillette Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Paul Rutherford-USA TODAY Sports

The Patriots released a statement after Bill Belichick met with the media this morning. He obviously didn’t want to answer questions about it. Belichick will give Newton the benefit of the doubt and he will keep his job. If this was another player at another time though they’d be cut on the spot. Belichick wants to be proven right with Newton and will still make excuses for him. I’m not sure Newton should keep his job after this. If Jones isn’t ready yet then go find another replacement.

“On Saturday, Cam Newton traveled to a club-approved medical appointment that required him to leave the New England area,” the statement read. “He received daily COVID tests, which were all negative. Due to a misunderstanding about tests conducted away from NFL facilities, and as required by the NFL-NFLPA protocols, Cam will be subject to the five-day entry cadence process before returning to the facility. Cam will continue participating virtually in team activities and return to the club facility on Thursday, August 26.”

Newton and Belichick will have to answer questions about this when he comes back. They will both sidestep and not say anything about it. This week the Patriots hold joint practices with the Giants this week ahead of their final preseason game on Sunday. By now everyone should know the COVID rules. Newton messed up and is going to miss practices probably leading up to the game on Sunday.

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