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Callie Randolph vacationed with family as Colton Underwood

almost Paradise. Cassie Randolph Soon after ex-boyfriend chills with family on a tropical vacation Colton underwood Came out as gay.

On Thursday, April 15, the California native, 25, gave his social media followers a glimpse of the scene from a resort in Cozumal, Mexico. In an Instagram Story video, Randolph strolled around the property with his younger brother, on the ground, Which is submerged by a coffee mug as both move towards the water. Season 23 Single The contestants dipped their feet into the sea, panning the camera to show the scenes.

Courtesy of Kassi Randolph / Instagram

Speech Pathology student documenting her exotic getaway the day after Underwood, 29, opened up about her sexuality during a weak interview good Morning America. During a pre-tapped conversation, the ex-NFL player revealed that he felt “happiest and healthiest”, which he has since accepted his identity.

“I was in a place with my personal life that was dark, and bad, and I could list a bunch of different things, but they would all be excuses,” Bachelor in heaven Alum explained, seemingly separated from Randolph and his subsequent drama in May 2020. “I think that overall, the reason for that now is because I’ve found a place where I don’t think I was ever going to share that I wouldn’t, I died instead of, say, I’m gay. I think it was like my wake-up call. “

Collie Randolph relaxes at Tropical Getaway after coming to Colton
Cassie Randolph and Colton Underwood. Crash / Imagespace / Shutterstock

The former couple kept dating after meeting on the ABC reality series in 2019. After confirming via social media last year that they were going their separate ways, Randolph filed a restraining order against Underwood, who claimed he was intimidating and harassing her. The matter was dropped after November 2020. first time The author denied the allegations.

Underwood went into more detail about his personal journey in Thursday’s episode NocturnalAdmitting that he tried to “hold on to being straight” while dating Randolph. “I didn’t want to see myself in the mirror,” he said.

One source specifically told Us Weekly On wednesday Bachelorette Did not discuss alum good Morning America Interview with Randolph, who is “still processing” everything that came to light. The insider said, “To be honest, she doesn’t really have time to navigate how she feels about it yet”, both adding that the pair’s breakup was “painful at times.”

Underwood later confirmed that he did not speak with his ex-girlfriend before deciding to share her truth. “I don’t know if I’ll ever get a chance to sit and talk with him,” he said Nocturnal. “Me. I would like to regret how things ended. … I made mistakes at the end of that relationship.”

Koli Randolph relaxes on tropical getaway after coming to Colton
Cassie Randolph. Jason Merritt / Radarix / Shutterstock

Randolph has yet to directly address Underwood’s stated address, but his courage has been praised by other members of the Bachelor Nation. Teshia Adams, Which made it to the top three of Underwood Single Season, she admitted “was a little shocked at first” – but had nothing but love for her former flame.

“All in all, the joy he has for me, he is finally able to live out his truth, and to be outside, and the relief I get from his interview is something that I appreciate very much Is, “Adams, 30, said in an episode of her” Click Bait “podcast on Thursday. “And I am very happy that he is capable of just that.”

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