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Brazil digging graves around the clock as it faces possible worst month yet of COVID crisis

Sao Paulo Brazil – Brazil may be the deadliest month yet in the coronovirus epidemic. The huge cemetery, where new graves are being dug around the clock, shows the scale of the disaster. US health officials say that Brazil’s daily COVID-19 death estimate is estimated at around 3,500 killed.

Data from Johns Hopkins University shows that about 355,000 people COVID-19 died in Brazil – Deaths were confirmed in any country in the United States.

File photo: Outbreak of Coronovirus Disease (COVID-19) in Sao Paulo
Between the outbreak of coronovirus disease April 1, 2021, an aerial view of the excavation of graves on the last piece of land available as a new burial, except for private deposits and children, at the Villa Nova Cachoeirinha cemetery in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

Amanda Perobelli / Computer

The crisis is being fueled by a dangerous variant, known as the P-1, which was first found in Brazil. Not only has the strain spread to the US, but according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, it has become the second most common coronavirus virus in the country.

One of the reasons for what is happening in Brazil in the world, as reported by CBS News correspondent Manuel Bourquez, is the fact that the more viruses spread in any region, the more it is to silence Opportunity is available.

The P-1 variant is just one example of these mutations. Stress is believed to be more contagious – and in densely populated areas of Brazilian cities, social distance is practically impossible.

Brazil experiencing severe COVID-19 infection …


Bojorquez visited the second-largest “favela” Parasopolis in São Paulo’s Meghalaya. Favelas are spread across low-income neighborhoods, often located in the shadow of the wealthy enclave. Life in Parasopolis was quite difficult before the epidemic, but the virus has exacerbated poverty, and a crippled economy means that food insecurity is now affecting more than half of Brazil’s population.

One resident, Antonio, told CBS News that if he did not accept the free community meal, he would be worried about how he would get the money to eat – and he made it clear that crime may be his only option.

Marcus dos Santos works for the non-profit group “Hands of Maria”, which serves about 3,000 lunches to the people of São Paulo per day.

Makes state vaccine mandatory in Brazil


“In this bad moment, I try to give myself the best to other people,” Dos Santos told Byourquez.

He said that he is helping the people of his country take responsibility – something he believes the Brazilian government has failed to do.

President Jair Bolsonaro was criticized Ignoring science And refusing to call for a lockdown. In São Paulo, some limited restrictions were actually Lifted up With the game taking place at the bar and restaurant on Monday, it was allowed to resume without congestion.

The measures were relaxed despite the fact that last week, one in every four COVID-related deaths in Brazil was worldwide. Cemetery employees are literally being forced to mow the soil 24 hours a day.

File photo: Coronavirus virus outbreak in São Paulo (COVID-19)
Wearing protective suits, Gravegars carry the coffin of a 32-year-old man who died of coronovirus disease (COVID-19) as he was buried during a night burial at Vella Formosa Cemetery in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on March 30, 2021. Illuminate

Amanda Perobelli / Computer

Burials occur one after the other. In a short time CBS News was in a huge cemetery, Bjorquez and his team saw seven families say goodbye to their loved ones. At the cemetery, they get the only chance to say goodbye, as funerals are not allowed due to the epidemic.

The head of the Brazilian Funeral Directors’ Association, Luriel Panhoji, said coronoviruses have completely affected the health care system. He said that those who can get treatment for diseases like heart disease are such that hospitals are unable to take them and unfortunately, they have become yet more fatal indirectly due to the virus.

The pain seen in the cemetery is still getting complicated – fearing that things will not get better soon.

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